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local websites end with .ca or .com or .on.ca -.mb.ca
.yk.ca -.nb.ca -.ns.ca -.sk.ca -.nt.ca -.nf.ca -.nv.ca -.ab.ca -.qc.ca -.pe.ca -.bc.ca, 9,970,610 km² (3,849,674 miles²) – Population: 31,281,000 people, Land boundaries: 8,893 km
Coastline: 243,791 km

 Canada Phone System : (country code: +1-544)

local calls
no area code inside
the same area

national long distance
national prefix: I
area code: —
(always 3 digits)
number: — —-
(always 7digits)

international calls
international prefix: 0II
calling from Canada
to Phonebook of the World
in France

0II 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes

exeption !
calling from Camada
to USA or the Caribbean
(I — — —-)
are also part of the
North American
numbering Plan (NANP)

usefull numbers
operator 00
directory assistance 4II
call the Canadian operator
from outside Canada
+I 4I6 555 I2I2

Fire / Police 9II

calling from abroad to Canada
+I — — —- (I0 digits after the country code)Major area codes for Canada :


  Some Business On + 1-544-xxxxx1-544-456-3223 Hinckens

34 Victory New York USA
1-544-456-3224 Hinckens

34 Victory New York USA
1-544-563-1733 Surpass International

Double tree Rd.L ,MA 45204 USA AVON USA
1-544-678-7433 Surpass International

Double tree Rd.L ,MA 45204 USA AVON USA
1-544-785-7254 Sputly Sports Clud

211 plum run ct, fairfax, va. 22033 usa fairfax v
1-544-971-312 IMISLI-PAMBIQ ATSC

R.Eliyev kuc. 1 # Imishli AZ3000
About Canada : Capital: Ottawa

1867 Dominion of Canada build in between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec
National holiday: Independence Day/Canada Day, July 1 (1867)


English, French British Isles origin 40%, French origin 27%,Politics:

Head of State: Queen Elisabeth IIEconomy:

GNP $774.7 billion, GNP/person $24,800, home to 15 out of the 500 largest companies of the World

1 Canadia $ = 100 CentsGeography:

Mount Logan (5950m)
Atlanitic, Pacific, North Polar Coast
access to neighbors
west: Pacific
north: Alaska
east: Atlantic
south: Phonebook of the USA

USA / Canada and Russia are the only regions of the world to have one digit country codes, The North American system is specific
the United States, Canada and the Caribean Islands as if they were one country all have the same country code + 1. the North American numbering plan is different from the rest of the World it is difficult to know
which area code belongs to which Province

USA 8,893 km (includes 2,477 km with Alaska)

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