100 Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Blog Post

Coming up with new ideas for your realtor blog or website can be a real challenge at times. Wondering what else is there to write about?,  Agent Image gathers some topic ideas you can run through every time you’re short of inspiration:Hot spots. Everything from the best restaurants, beautiful,family-friendly parks, and the most historic places in the neighbourhood is sure to be interesting. Add some personal flavor by indicating your favorites and share short anecdotes on your favorite events there.Home Staging Tips. Easy and affordable ways people can keep their homes looking new.Types of Mortgages.Updates on Mortgage rates.Tips on Green Living. For example, decreasing a home’s carbon footprint by installing solar panels.School reviews. Conduct a research of the nearby schools, colleges or universities.Local business. Categorize the shops in a given location. Give a sample list of grocery stores, malls, and cultural centers in the area.Heads up for new homeowners. Give tips on moving, decorating, adapting to the new neighborhood or the , top ten things a new homeowner should know about.Must Love Pets. Reviews of establishments that allow pets, identify veterinary clinics, pet stores and parks that will benefit the furry member of the family.Tips on renovation. You can also provide any contractors that you might recommend and a link to their website.Scams in real estate. And how to avoid them, too!Featured new listings. Go into detail about your latest real estate listing and include lots of quality photos and videos.Personal experience. Break the ice and share the best/funniest/most surprising encounter you’ve ever had in real estate.Neighborhood trivia.Job market review. Conduct a brief survey of the most in demand professions in a given area. You can include a short list of the skills needed for each and even give some advice for going to job interviews!Latest architectural trends.Local events. Write about community gatherings and festivities. Don’t forget to include photos and video showing yourself enjoying these events, too!How to sell a house-fast!How to save energy.Swimming pool safety tips.Homeowner associations. What are the benefits of joining one? What contributions can they give to the community?The home buying process.The home selling process.Senior homes. Day Care services.How to deal with bad neighbors. Help people keep their cool and offer them some advice that has worked for you!New businesses in the area.Foreclosure.Decoration ideas.Checklist for moving in.Credit scores.Your favorite real-estate related TV show. For example, Million Dollar Listing, , HGTV or home makeover shows.Home safety for children.Real estate laws.Overpriced homes.Open house events.Your latest courtesy services or offers.Commentary on issues in real estate. Voice out some of your own opinions and encourage your readers to respond!Your neighbourhood story. A personal story about the neighbourhood you specialize in.Recipes. How to make your best recipes in the comfort of their homes!Environmental problems. Write about one that interests you the most and give your readers options on how they can help become part of the solution.Fire safety tips.Gardening tips.Furniture trends.Home insurance.Landlord or tenant issues. Pest control. Even better, write about how they can prevent pests from coming back!Art and Culture-and the best places to experience it!Book reviews on real estate books and magazines.Local history. Property taxes.Tips for tax season.Tips on moving with children.Tips on moving with pets.House painting tips. Give a run-down of the different kinds of paint and which ones go well with certain types of materials for indoor and outdoor painting.Landscaping tips.Transportation. Write about possible commute routes or review an area’s transportation system.Tips for buying a vacation home.Local directory. Put together a directory of the doctors, hospitals, dentists, and other related professionals in a particular location.Checklist for first-time travelers in your city.Events for children.Weekend getaways for the overworked.Best vacation spots abroad.Tips for FSBO’s or For Sale By OwnersFeng Shui. Explain a little bit of its history, and give examples of how they can rearrange their furniture accordingly.Credit repairMarket reportsTop five misconceptions about real estate agents.Wordless, weekly. Every week, take a photograph of something that caught your interest. Post it any don’t include any text.Success stories. Success stories of other real estate professionals or of people in your life who have always inspired you.Good neighbors. How can they return the favor?What keeps you inspired in real estate.Relaxation and recreation guidesYour own experience in buying/selling a home.Recommended real estate websites.Churches in a community.List of local officials in a community.How to avoid unnecessary hassles when selling/buying a home.Best lofts in an area.How to start the home buying process. Include tips about signing up for free property listing updates (great place to provide a link to this page on your real estate website) and encourage clients to go to open houses.Best yard signs you’ve seen/made.The closing process.Real estate/realtor jokes.Upcoming performances/concerts.Local charities.Three Biggest Mistakes by Sellers (Condition, Marketing, and Price). Also include tips on how they can avoid these.Recent home sales. Make sure to post a lot of photos and include how quickly you sold the property and the price you got for your client.Tips on what you do best as a real estate agent.How to create curb appeal for your home.Your goals for the new quarter.How to Deal with Difficult Clients.Most beautiful homes you’ve seen/sold.Parking system/availability in an area.Spring cleaning tips.Compare costs of living in different areas. Compare the different utilities for each. Be concrete when proving how choosing one listing over another is the better option.Local heroes in the community. If possible, you can even do a short interview and include it in your article.Crazy architectural designs. Take pictures and try to get the back story!Best spots for different seasons. Home installations for increased value.Reasons why being a real estate agent is the best job ever!

There is always something to write about. Inspire yourself to write topics that aren’t always about real estate figures or statistics. This way, your real estate blog becomes more interesting and will keep your readers coming back.

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