2017 Honda CR-V Review : Best Compact Crossover?

The all-new 2017 Honda CR-V is the best compact crossover for you if you want to experience what’s meant by best-in-class You won’t be alone This is now Honda’s best-selling vehicle, and it’s outselling every car and truck in America that isn’t a full-size pickup We’ll, it is the best all-around compact crossover And compact crossovers seem to be taking over the world But of course, no vehicle is perfect Let’s consider why you might want to buy this new SUV, and why you might not [start up sounds] I’m Chuck Giametta Join me for a CarPreview video review of the 2017 Honda CR-V [music intro] This is the fifth-generation CR-V and the first all-new one since model-year 2012 It grows about an inch and a half in almost every dimension, including wheelbase, to nestle in the sweet spot of a jam-packed competitive set The styling is more muscular than before The front end is really bulked up, and the grille no longer looks as if it’s smiling Gone as well is the old CR-V’s receding chin, replaced by this jutting fascia with trendy cut-out out edges All models now have LED daytime running lamps; the top-line Touring version has LED headlights too The muscled-up theme continues along newly buldged bodysides The standard wheels are bigger and the taillamps more extravagant All CR-Vs have a racy spoiler, and Touring models have dual exhaust outlets Besides being larger, the interior feels more upscale Honda retains this familiar high-mounted gearshift but adds a simple convenience the old CR-V lacked It’s a good-old-fashioned volume knob for the Display Audio System that’s standard on all but the base LX It replaces a finicky touch-sensitive adjustment and is supplemented by this nifty steering-wheel volume control You’ll still use the touchscreen for most other audio functions, but the new matte surface is remarkably resistant to fingerprints Honda’s Display Audio System for the first time supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can use cell-based maps The EX-L Navi and Touring models have imbedded navigation Too bad it seems cramped on the 7-inch screen, and the graphics are cartoonish Otherwise, the ergonomics are sound, the gauges clear, and the cabin does its part to justify the new CR-Vs claim to best in class All but LX have a power driver’s seat with power lumbar as well as heated front seats EX-L and Touring add driver’s memory, a power passenger seat, and leather upholstery The woodgrain is fake, but the roominess is real Front seaters have plenty of space and lots of small-items storage Enhancing the sense of best-in-segment passenger accommodations are doors that open exceptionally wide ” the rear’s almost 90 degrees Steep-in height is reasonable and nothing in the class matches this combination of back-seat room and comfort Cargo volume is also at the top of the class EX-L and Touring have a power liftgate and the Touring is the very first Honda with hands-free operation All models get a height-adjustable cargo floor and remote handles to drop the rear seatbacks Under the shapely new hood, CR-V retains four-cylinder power and again teams it with a continuously variable automatic transmission and a choice of front or all-wheel drive For the first time, however, there are two four-cylinders, including this crossover’s first turbocharged engine [engine crank and rev] It’s the same one-point-five-liter found in Honda’s Civic compact car and here it makes 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque It’s standard on all but the LX model, which retains the fourth-generation’s naturally aspirated two-point-four-liter That engine has similar output, but the turbo peaks at lower rpm and gets better mileage Speaking of which, EPA ratings are phenomenal, exceeded in this class only by hybrid versions of the Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4 That fuel efficiency comes with a downside, though And it’s the turbo models that suffer most Their acceleration is impressively strong once you’re going But don’t expect much speed off the line Try to hurry away from a stop and the tepid off-boost power conspires with the CVT to limit progress to a walking pace for a car length or so That can mean anxious moments pulling into busy traffic It’s a flaw not nearly as pronounced with the two-point-four-liter engine, or with turbocharged versions of the Ford Escape and Subaru Forester, or even with the naturally aspirated RAV4, Mazda CX-5, or V-6 Jeep Cherokee Throw it into a corner, however, and CR-V redeems itself This is one of the best-handling crossovers on the road Steering feel and precision are unassailable Control and grip in turns is outstanding The 18-inch tires on EX and Touring models provide more adhesion in turns than the 17s on the LX, but they also generate more road noise and ride harshness Indeed, several rivals are quieter and absorb bumps better than this new CR-V, prime among them the RAV4, Rogue, and Cherokee I’d argue the CX-5 is its equal for overall road manners, too But the CR-V reasserts itself when it comes to value Base prices are extremely competitive, especially considering the added value of Honda’s reputation for quality, reliability, and resale value As per Honda policy, there are no stand-alone options The LX comes with all the basics, including a rearview camera, cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free linking, and Pandora compatibility EX and above add keyless entry with pushbutton ignition, remote engine start, fog lamps, a power moonroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, and automatic on-and-off highbeam headlights On the safety front, all but LX come with the Honda Sensing system This includes autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control that works in stop and go traffic, and lane-keep automatic steering It can detect drowsy driving, too So, we’ve learned “best in class” doesn’t necessarily mean being best at everything Sometimes, it means pleasing the widest possible audience The new CR-V doesn’t do rapid off-the-line acceleration But for now, no competitor better covers the range of attributes people look for in a compact crossover For more on this and other cars, trucks and SUVs, go to CarPreviewcom, and please subscribe to our YouTube channelSHARE


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