2017 Incase ICON Sleeve for the MacBook 12 inch

This is the INCASE ICON Sleeve for the macbook 12 inch I’ve used INCASE in the past and they produce some of the best products available to protect your device from drops and other accidental damage.The ICON sleeve is a fantastic sleeved i personally use to protect my MacBook 12 inch It has TensaerLite Protection Technology A lightweight impact-absorbing bumper that extends around the entire product adding a half inch to three fourths of an inch of protection around the edge of a laptop A magnetic closure keeps my laptop securely enclosed even when I shake it like crazy the magnetic closure stays shut.In addition I think this magnetic closure is better than sleeves with a zipper closure because this magnetic closure closes quickly and secures a laptop from movement while sleeves with a zipper just don’t secure the laptop as well allowing the laptop to slide out of the protective padding how do I know this a one-thousand-dollar repair bill told me.But the magnet is bad for laptops with a disk drive so only solid state drives can be used sleeve.The plush faux fur lining keeps the top and bottom of my laptop protected from scratches but the padding is relatively thin so don’t expect to stop bullets for this thing unfortunately this part does not have internal or external pockets so you will need to store your cables dongles and charges elsewhere It fits my laptop like a glove and is nice and slim fitting it’s pretty expensive sleep but it’s designed really well and i can’t find a better product for keeping my laptop safe and secure i would give this sleeve 4.5 stars out of 5 for a well-designed product that protect my laptop from everyday spills.If you thought this was helpful to you please comment or like this video and subscribe for more videos thanks for watching.

Aly Chiman

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