2018 Audi S5 Cabriolet Review: First Impressions

audi has fully redesigned the a5 and s5 cabriolet the convertible versions of the a5 and s5 coupe but you might not notice it at first glance that’s because like the a4 that shares this platform the stance the redesign is really in the details you get certain things like a more defined six-sided grill here it still fits very low across the front headlights here that aren’t scalloped like before they just kinda splay out here in the more of a flat format looks pretty good you come around the side here at looking inside there’s more of an aggressive reading obviously a few team a for that should be very familiar with a tablet-like display that sits above the center part of the dashboard instead of that kind of big hooded dashboard that was for now out he says like in the r8 convertible at supercar the a5 and s5 convertible have bluetooth speakers here embedded in the seat belts themselves that means it’s actually picking up your voice in the seat belt instead of up here it’s using a combination of the speaker up here and the people of speakers this lesson distortion if you’re trying to talk on the phone through bluetooth with the top down of course that means you got to be wearing a seatbelt but you really ought to be doing that anyway speaking of the top goes down in about 15 seconds goes up in 18 seconds goes up and down with a one-touch button now and all that work at speeds up to around 30 miles an hour out he says the s5 is going to have a turbocharged six-cylinder engine good for 354 four-star your 60 in a few ticks under five seconds so certainly exciting to drive we’re excited to get behind the wheel closer to its on sale date in spring of 2017 thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.SHARE


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