3 Holiday Dishes(funky happy music) ” Hey health nuts! Welcome back to Health Nut Nutrition.Today I have an excitingvideo for you guys, because it is not one, not two, but three delicious holiday recipes.I wanted to give you some really simple and still pretty dishes thatyou can either bring with you to a potluck dinner this holiday season or, if you’re hosting your own dinner, you can make one of these for your sides.Today we’re gonna be makingroasted brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds and toasted walnuts with a lemon and honey vinaigrette.It’s so delicious! And then we’re makingcrispy smashed potatoes with a chipotle drizzlecrema sauce on top.It’s so good! And last but not least, we’re making roasted butternut squash the easy way, because who the hell has timeto peel a butternut squash? Not me, so I’m gonna show you an easy way to make roasted butternut squash.So let’s just hop rightin and I’ll show you guys how to make all three recipes.First up, we’re gonna make my roasted brussels sprouts salad, and we’ll first need toprep our brussels sprouts.You wanna wash them and chop them either in quarters or in halves.And then drizzle on someolive oil, chunky sea salt, and some freshly ground black pepper.Give it a good toss and then transfer this to a cookie sheet lined with some parchment paper.Spread them out evenly sothey’re not too crowded and then roast them into an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheitfor about 35 minutes, making sure to toss them half way through.While that’s roasting,let’s make our vinaigrette.In a bowl, you’re gonnamix your olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, minced garlic, grainy dijon mustard, raw honey, freshly ground black pepper, chunky sea salt.And then transfer thisinto either a mason jar or your salad container and give it a good shake just to emulsify everything.I love these little milk jug containers ’cause they have the little lids.Next, we’re gonna prep our pomegranate.Now, there are a few different methods to getting the seeds out of a pomegranate, but I’m gonna show you themethod I have been using lately.You’re gonna cut your pomegranate in half.And then get a large bowl, andthen just bang the top of it until all the seeds just kinda fall out.And then this is what it looks like.Usually the seeds that are left behind are smushed ones or onesthat you don’t want anyways, and so you can just tossthat when you’re done.Once your brussels sprouts are done, set them aside to coolwhile we toast our walnuts.I roughly chopped some walnuts, and you’re just gonnaplace them on a sheet with some parchment paperand toast them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheitfor about 10 minutes.Just keep a close eye on them,because they do burn quickly.Transfer your brusselssprouts into a large bowl.You can just put them in the bowl that you’re gonna beserving this to you guests.Drizzle on that vinaigrette, toss some roasted walnuts on top, and then sprinkle on thefresh pomegranate seeds for just some added color and flavor.I just love the pop of freshnessthis adds into the salad.Give it a good toss.And then I just like to sprinkle a couple of extra pomegranateseeds right on top just to make it look extra pretty.And then, of course, you need to give it a taste test before your guests arrive.And there you have it, that’s how you make my super easy roastedbrussels sprouts salad.Next up, we have mycrispy smashed potatoes with a chipotle aioli sauce right on top.We’re gonna first prep our potatoes.I’m just using some regularyellow yukon potatoes.Make sure to wash ’em really well and then transfer theminto a large pot of water with a little bit of sea salt.And then cook it until fork-tender, which for me was about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your potatoes.Once your potatoes are cooked, let them cool slightlybefore transferring them to a parchment-lined cookie sheet.Then, using either a potato masher or the bottom of a cup or mug, you just wanna gentlymash down the potatoes.You’re gonna need your muscles for this part, so get ready.(laughing) Drizzle a little olive oilover top of each potato.This is gonna really helpit crisp up in the oven.Sprinkle on some chunky sea salt.I will have the fulldirections over on my blog, healthnutnutrition.Ca.And some freshly ground black pepper.And then place these into theoven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 to 30 minutesuntil nice and crispy.While that’s roasting, let’smake our chipotle aioli sauce.In a bowl you’re gonnamix together your mayo.I’m using vegenaise ’causeI really like the taste, but you can use any mayothat you would like.Add some fresh lemon juice, freshly minced garlic, chipotle powder, chunky sea salt, freshlyground black pepper, and then give it a whisk with a fork.And this is what it should look like.Once your potatoes aredone, let them cool slightly before drizzling them withthe chipotle aioli sauce.Now, this is a step that you can do before your guests arrive justto make it look extra fancy, or you can just have the dip on the side for people to add on totheir plates if they want.And then, just as an extra garnish, I love to add a little bitof freshly chopped cilantro.If you don’t like cilantro, you can also use parsley instead.And there you have it,super easy, delicious, crispy smashed potatoeswith a chipotle aioli sauce.These are definitely one ofmy favorite recipes recently.I highly suggest trying them out.Even though these are sosimple, they taste so good guys.You need to make these.And then lastly, we have myeasy roasted butternut squash.I don’t know about you, but I can’t standpeeling butternut squash, so I’m gonna show you asuper easy way to do it.Take your butternut squash, slice it in half, and scoop out the seeds.Then line a deep cooking traywith some parchment paper.Drizzle on a little bit a olive oil and just rub it all over.Sprinkle on some chunky sea salt and some freshly ground black pepper.Turn these guys aroundso they’re face down, rub any extra olive oil on top.This will just help it notburn as quickly in the oven.And then I like to addjust a little bit of water so it will help the butternutsquash to cook evenly and kinda steam themwhen they’re in the oven so they get super tender.Cook that at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes until fork-tender.And this is what you’re looking for.Next up, all you gotta do is scoop out the butternut squash away from the skin.And I am just transferringthis into a bowl that I’m gonna be serving it in.Optional, you can adda little bit of butter, adding in some chunky sea saltand black pepper to season.Mash this all together until smooth.And then, if you wanna go extra fancy, you can just sprinkle on afew sprigs of fresh thyme.Butternut squash is oneof those simple recipes, but it definitely tastes delicious.And there you have it, a supereasy roasted butternut squash that you don’t have toworry about peeling.So I hoped you guys enjoyed those three holiday recipe ideas.Hopefully you guys try them out.If you do, as always, don’tforget to share a photo on social media, tagging me @urhealthnut so I can easily find and like your photos.Alright, so, I have a few, actually, I have all the dishes here in front of me.Alright, we have thebrussels sprouts here.The dressing on this is to die for.Like, honey and brusselssprouts is the best thing, and then with the sweetness ofthe pomegranate seeds.(hums) (clink) (munching) So good.(clack) And the walnuts are really good, too.(humming) Also, if you guys aren’tfollowing me already on Snapchat, I’ve already told a few people that Matt and I startedour own vlog channel.It’s called Nik and Matt.And if you ask Matt tosay it, it sounds like he’s saying Naked Matt,which is really funny.But I will put the title hereso you can easily find us.I also linked it on my main channel, the channel that you’rewatching right now, on the right side bar.So you can easily go over,subscribe, if you wanna see behind the scenes of whatMatt and I are doing, behind the scenes of health nut and the production here that goes on, and just, like, our life, and other things that we’re doing besides YouTube.We’re doing Vlogmas right now.So we are vlogging, I’d say, every day, But we’re doing Monday toFriday until Christmas, so that’s, like, what, 15days we’re vlogging every day.I hope you guys come over,check out the vlog channel, subscribe, and leave us some comments on how you guys are liking the videos.And if you guys liked this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up! 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