30 Minute Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

I love me some good, yeasty dinner rolls hot from the oven! I can smell them now…. Mmmmm so fresh and slightly sweet! Of course, I always think “You know, some dinner rolls would be really good with this meal.” WAY too late to make my absolute favorite recipe. Those bad boys require 10 minutes of kneading, 30 minute rise, punch down, 1 hour rise, and a 25 minute bake!  And then there’s the “cheater” rolls. Those frozen Rhodes dinner rolls. Still scrumptious. And all you do is throw them into a pan frozen and let them rise before baking, which cuts out a few steps, but that still takes at least 90 minutes with the quick rise! Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! (But seriously, who remembers to thaw those things out ahead of time on a regular basis? I mean, they’re reserved for holidays when the FOOD is the only thing on your mind, right?)

Well, I’m here to tell you that Wondermill and Kitchen Meets Girl have saved the day! Using your handy dandy wondermill and some freshly ground flour, you can use Ashley’s fantastic recipe for quick and easy dinner rolls to serve up some healthy, yummy treats with dinner tonight… {Continue Reading at The Grain Mill Wagon}Share the love!RelatedAbout Lesslie BTrackbacks

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