4 Moves That Will Give You Rock-Solid Biceps And Triceps

Having rock solid arms is every guy’s dream. Sadly though, not many are able to achieve this as it takes dedication and consistency to build those guns. Here are 4 moves that strengthen your biceps and triceps.4 Moves That Will Give You Rock-Solid Biceps And Triceps1) Close Grip Chin UpsMuscle Hit: BicepsWhile most gym heads still think that this is predominantly a back workout, fact is it’s also a great bicep burner. Grip the bar with your fists six inches apart and pull your chest up till the time your upper chest touches the bar. Do them till you burn out and feel the amount of pump you have in your biceps.2) Roman Ring DipsMuscle Hit: TricepsYup, just the one you see the gymnasts doing. This move remains the most underrated when it comes to tricep development despite the fact that it very effectively targets the whole area. The instability on the rings causes the tricep and surrounding muscle to harder in order to hold you steady and this makes them work hard.3) Close Grip Ring Push-UpsMuscle Hit: TricepsThe ring push-ups too require your triceps to work harder so as to keep you balanced, hence taking more tension. If you don’t have access to suspended trainers, try elevated close grip push-ups.4) One Arm Partial Hammer CurlsMuscle Hit: BicepsHold the dumbbell in a vertical position and curl just like you traditionally curl. The only difference is, here you don’t go in the full range of motion. Curl back after you have reached a 90-degree position with the arm. This is to maintain impeccable tension on your biceps.

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