5 Common Beachbody Coach Questions – Answered

I would be very surprised if someone signed up as a Beachbody Coach and didn’t ask questions. I would imagine that there are those people out there who have signed up without asking a lot of questions but, most people who contact me have questions.

1. How Much?

There is a $39.95 coach sign up fee and $19.95 a month after that. If you purchase a program and Shakeology together upon signing up as a coach, that $39.95 fee is waived. If you are active duty military or your spouse is active duty military or you are a veteran your monthly fee is also waved.

2. Is this a “Pyramid” thing?

Yes and No: Yes, there is a pyramid aspect in this in the aspect of building a team. And no because when you sign up as a coach on my team, I will invest as much or as little time working with you to build your business as you would like. This is an investment on my part and just like you, I deserve to be compensated for my time. But, Beachbody Coaches don’t get paid by the hour, instead you are paid for the amount of effort you invest. As your business grows, my business grows and because I have helped you to make an income from the Beachbody Coaching business; I too get a commission, making my income, just like you will from the team you build. You can’t build this business alone.. I mean you could but it would be a lot of work and really hard. Instead build a team and work together to achieve your goals.

3. Do I need to be a fitness expert?

No, as a Beachbody Coach your job is to share your experiences using Beachbody programs and products with others. And, support them as they work to achieve the same. Think of yourself as a Beachbody Distributor. They don’t sell these programs in stores, your website is the store front and it’s up to you to advertise your store.Also see: What is a Beachbody Coach

4. Do I need to build a blog?

You don’t have to build a blog but, let me ask you this. If you don’t build a blog how will new customers find you? A lot of new coaches first concern is they are bugging their friends and family. At least that is how I felt in the beginning. But, here’s the thing, I truly believe in the opportunity available with Beachbody and I understand this business isn’t for everyone. So I had to think of how I would reach the people already looking for an opportunity like this. The answer for me was to build a blog. Put myself out there so people search online for info on becoming a Beachbody Coach can find. I highly encourage all my coaches to start a log. All my personally sponsored coaches get blog training, showing you step by step how to build a blog and what it takes to get google ranked.Also see: Become a Beachbody Coach

5. How much will I make/do you make?

I can’t answer this questions with a dollar value because what you make may and probably will be different than what I make. Your level of success as a Beachbody Coach is dependent on how much time and effort you put into this. It’s a compound effect. The more consistent you are, the more consistent your income will be.

If this business can work for thousands of people. People who didn’t had no network marketing experience, well most don’t anyways, and can make a living as a Beachbody Coach; than so can you and so can I! It all comes down to your belief in the opportunity and what you choose to do with it.

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