5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List With Social Media

Why email marketing?FACT: At least ninety one percent customers check their mails on a daily basis.

Email marketing is actually the most common means of communication, but some people think that its way too hard to find email addresses of potential customers. In this article, I will tell you how you can turn your social media (followers) into ROCK solid customers.These are 5 easy ways to grow your email list with the help of Social Media:1. Try using a simple looking signup form:Facebook:

No matter, if you have a small business or a big business, you can setup a simple looking (email signup) form on your social media channels in order to make it extremely easy and convenient for your fans to subscribe to your mailing list.

On (Facebook), you can place a “tab” at the top-right side for a subscription form. What it will do is that people will simply click on it to signup immediately.

If you are going to use a small picture & a (call-to-action) inside the tab, you can easily incite your fans to click on it and subscribe.

You can also try many amazing app-options to add (email-signup form) on your company’s or website’s Facebook page. Normally, I have seen that email-clients have got a custom made Facebook applications that can sync your Facebook page with your email list.

Following are some of the best email signup apps:

If you want any of the above mentioned apps on your Facebook page, you can simply visit the banner of apps at the top right hand side & press the drop down menu button that is indicating number along with a downward arrow.

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You can also get email addresses by using a Feedburner on your website, if you wanna know more about it, do read our tutorial on How to setup Feedburner ” A Free email subscription service for your blog

Select the (plus) sign in order to get a drop down menu. After that, click the Find More Apps option to look for (email signup form app).

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Follow all the instructions given by apps to install it on your Facebook page.Twitter and Google Plus:

It’s not possible to “host” an email signup form along with a landing page on Google+ or Twitter. If you want to encourage your Twitter and G+ followers to signup your email form, I will recommend you to add link with in your About or Bio section on your G+ or Twitter. By doing that, you can invite them to signup by visiting your hosting website.Also check: How to Run Solo Ads

A twitter bio section has got a very small space, however, there is a bit of room to make an addition of a shortened link directed towards an email signup form & a website link.

As far as Google+ page is concerned, it has got a big About us section, where a shortened link of your email signup form can easily be included along with a description.

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You can provide infographics, e-books, tricks and giveaways to your social media fans by asking them to get register by an email signup form.On Facebook:

On Twitter: 3. Give an incentive on signing up for a Newsletter:

You can offer incentives on your social media pages like:  get a 20% off on signing up for a newsletter.4. Hosting informative webinars to increase your email list:

You might be getting invitations for online webinars on “Making money online” and many other informative topics. The most amazing part about these webinars is that the only way to get register for it is by signing up an email form.

Check out this picture:

You can also arrange webinars through Google Hangouts!5. Hold a Sweepstakes, Contest or a Giveaway:

You can also get emails by running sweepstakes, contests & giveaways. Marketers host different promotions and contests on their social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,etc to get more and more email signups.

Facebook contest is a very popular technique that can be customized for different promotions.

You can use below mentioned Facebook Contest apps to increase the list of your email subscribers:

We would love to hear from you what you think about all these amazing techniques to get email subscribers.

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