5 Tips for Building Your Social Media

When I first set out on this journey to retire my husband and I from our corporate jobs which; I was incredibly hesitant at first because the truth was I didn’t know a lot of people who I thought would actually buy into this; I never imagined it would require me to be on Social Media. I was a smart person, I knew how to avoid “scams” yet here I was about to call one of my friends and say ” hey you wanna become a Beachbody Coach with me? We can grow our business online by facebooking.

Let’s just say, she has since avoided my phone calls and that is how I’ve learned who my real friends are! It’s ok if those around you don’t want to join you. The ones that really care about you will politely decline your offer or accept it and will still be there to cheer you on along the way. Those people are worth keeping around, you will need them to help pick you back up on the day Beachbody Coaching kicks in you right in the mouth. The rest, well they don’t matter and it’s important that you begin to not only understand that but accept it or you will forever be doing things in your life to impress, please or suit them! #weaksauce!So where does social media fit into Beachbody Coaching? ” I’m getting to that.

If you are like me, someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends or family who are interested in getting healthy then social media is where you are going to build your tribe and your business! Let’s talk honestly about social media for moment. As much as people say they HATE IT, deep down THEY LOVE IT!

Everyone has their own reasons; to keep in touch with old friends, to be able to say they are on there and spy on everyone; for fun and just to hang out; to find deals, sales and new products (like Jamberry never would have found those without FB, my girl Paisley hooked it up!) or to find motivation, support and connection with like minded people.

Whatever the reasons is millions of people log into Facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY! As a business why on earth wouldn’t you be on Facebook!? Having a business and not being on Facebook to advertise it is like having a business store front with no business name, no website, no phone and the lights off all the time. You might get the occasionally walk in but getting a steady stream of customers is going to be near impossible.

You need to turn the lights on, get a darn store front sign and list and advertise yourself! The same applies with Beachbody Coaching. I find that just about everyone has heard of Beachbody, they might not know about the programs or Shakeology but they have heard of it. So what sets you apart from the other coaches? You need to show people this and connect with your niche of people on social media!

For example our niche for Beachbody Coaching is Millennials who feel stuck in the corporate grind and want to live a free life using diet and exercise to do it. And, my niche for fitness customers is basically the same, Millennial looking to get back into shape from home using a proven system to get in the best shape they have ever been in!Below I’m going to give you 5 Tips to build your Social Media.

I personally prefer Facebook, most of my niche uses it as their primary social media however Mike prefers IG (instagram). Now you don’t have to use Social Media to build your business you can do it strictly through blogging but, google SEO is looking more and more at Social Media so the more you connect the two the better your business will be. Which, brings me to my first tip:

1. Share GOOD content! Don’t just copy and paste someone else content. Share good content from your blog to your Social Media. If you need ideas on what to share just look at what people in your niche are already sharing. Recipes, meal plans, motivational tips, inspiring stories, facts about fitness and nutrition etc. Take example post from other coaches, like me, and rewrite them in your own words and share.

2. ENGAGE on Social Media! You can’t just leark around and never like anything or comment on anything. No one will even know you are on there. If you are new to this, make a point to like and comment on at least 10 posts per day. Try mixing it up and liking, commenting and even sharing on different peoples stuff.

3. Add new friends daily! You need to grow your audience. You can’t expect to make a business if the same 250 people are looking at your post all the time. They will get bored and stop engaging and you will get frustrated. Now I am not saying to get all spam crazy and go to the weight watchers page and friend everyone lol. Start in your mutual friends list and send a friend request to 3-5 new people daily. That girl from high school you haven’t talked to in 10 years and honestly can’t remember why you didn’t “like” each other “, friend them. The point is build your audience!

4. Create a Facebook Page. In the beginning there might not be much going on. But, if you are someone who doesn’t want to flood their personal page with all things Beachbody and honestly you really shouldn’t do that if you want good engagement, then having a Facebook page as a secondary place to post fitness related things is a great idea!

5. The MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL ” BE YOURSELF!!! There are so many fake people out there, and while it’s scary to open yourself up and just be you in front of all these people, half of which you don’t know, is scary. But, it’s also incredibly freeing at the same time! Sure some people might not like what I say or might think I’m just trying to take people for all their worth ” lol ” who cares? I not only know that’s not true but I also know there are people who will see that I am just being me and they will love that! How else will my tribe find me unless I am 100% ME! So, just be you, unapologetically and I promise your will grow your Beachbody Coaching business!

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Aly Chiman

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