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2nd most populated country of the World – sub kontinent, local Internet code .in or .co or .com, 3 287 590 km² ( miles²) – 1 000,000,000 people, Land boundaries: 14,103 km, Coastline: 7,000 km

 India Phone System : (country code: +91-7989)

national long distance
national prefix: 0
area code: II or —
number: — — variabble lenght
(Indian phonenumbers
have 7 to I0 digits)

international calls
international prefix: 00
calling from India
to France

00 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes

usefull numbers

calling from abroad to India +9IMajor area codes for India :


  About India : Capital: New Delhi

independant since 1947 from Great Britain, since -3500 highly developed cultures around the Indu River until -273 Maurya Dynsatie
1555 Emperor Akbar
1740 british and dutch Coloners
1805 India becomes a british colony
1876 Queen Victoria of Britiain becomes Emperess of India
1947 India becomes independant
National holiday: Republic Day, 26 Jan (1950)

Hindi and English also Assamesic, Bengali,Politics:

head of State: PresidentEconomy:

GNP $2.2 trillion, GNP/person $2,200Currency:Geography:

Kanchenjunga 8,598 m
longest river Indu Ganges
access to 6/7 neighbour countires
west: Arabic sea and Pakistan
north: China, Nepal and Bhutan
east: Bangladsh and Myanmar
south: Indian Ocean facing and Ski Lanka

Bangladesh 4,053 km, Bhutan 605 km, Myanmar 1,463 km, China 3,380 km,
Nepal 1,690 km, Pakistan 2,912 km

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