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Friday, August 4, 2017 AutoA High Performance Exhaust System ” The Key to More Power and Better Gas MileageAuto 

A high performance exhaust system is one of the easiest and most cost effective modifications that can improve the efficiency of your car. It is also a really easy modification to install with no hassle. With the constantly increasing price of gas, installing a high performance exhaust system will reduce the cost incurred here as it increases the fuel efficiency and mileage.

While most upgrades and modifications lead to either better vehicle performance or better mileage, this is one of the few upgrades that combine both. This is because at the time of manufacturing the car, companies compromise on providing the best exhaust system as they have to take into account a number of factors such as cost, weight, noise, performance, gas mileage, etc. additionally, auto manufacturers also have to abide by certain restrictions laid down by the EPA and build a car that is wanted by a majority of people.

Once you become the owner of a car, you have the freedom to add upgrades that you think are suitable for your car. Be mindful of choosing the right exhaust system based on your requirement and budget. An improperly designed exhaust system will be noisier and provide no significant advantage when it comes to the horsepower and mileage. Faulty systems can also harm your car’s internal parts.

Since systems that consist of a sub-system from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip are relatively less expensive, offer decent performance gains, and are easy to install, most people opt for this. This is known as a “cat back system”. To get even better performance, you can install a complete system that goes from the exhaust manifold to the tip. In addition, you can install a high performance catalytic converter to maximize performance and fuel economy.

While selecting an aftermarket exhaust system, there are a few features you should look out for. The first of these is the type of material it is made of. The best systems are usually made of either coated steel or stainless steel. The standard stainless steel alloy for a high quality exhaust system is T-304, steel alloyed with about 10% nickel and 20% chromium for strength and corrosion resistance. Some exhaust components could also be made of T-409 stainless but this does not have the strength and corrosion resistance of T-304.

Another variation of high quality is the T-316L stainless which is used extensively in marine exhaust products because of its superior corrosion resistance.  However, the absolute best when it comes to material is the T-321 stainless, steel alloyed with the wonder metal titanium.

Another factor you should look at before buying exhaust systems is mandrel bending. As has been already mentioned, mandrel bending ensures the tubes are bent without reducing the diameter. While this is one of the best methods of forming bends in exhaust tubing, it is quite expensive. Further, mandrel bending adds restriction which can hamper the exhaust flow, power, and efficiency.

If stainless steel exhaust systems are not what you’re looking for, you can buy exhaust systems that are made from different versions of coated steel such as aluminized steel or ceramic coated steel. These have some of the properties of stainless, such as corrosion resistance, and, in the case of ceramic coated products, low thermal conductivity.

A new high performance exhaust system is one of the best alterations and cost effective performance enhancers that you can install in your vehicle. It will help you save gas, increase longevity, and make it look more aesthetic.Navigating Difficult Terrain ” The Fight Between AWD as well as 4WDWays to Get More out of Your Car

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