A Turkish start up just introduced their Transformer named Antimon

The transformer is much famous car robots from Hollywood but what if these Transformers are made for users who always wanted to own one. All these talks are no more talks. A Turkish startup claimed to have made their own transformer and had revealed it in an exhibition.

If you have enough money in your pockets just fly to Abu Dhabi and you can own your “Antimon” BMW 3 Series that can turn into the robot in 30 seconds, the thinking of having a real transformer was a dream but now a reality credit goes to BMW.

This Robot can’t be driven by the passenger by for sure it is unmanned and is controlled by remote control you can say this is the world biggest RC (remote controlled) car with speed of 12 Mph with the ability to move its hands, finger and head. This robot is yet not legal to be driven on street though.

Turgut Alpagot Director Sales and Marketing for Lutron’s (Turkish Startup) told CNN

“We want to show our power all over the world,”

“We think if we do something like this it’ll get great exposure all over the world.”

All told it took 12 engineers and four technicians from Turkey 11 months to create Antimon. The group hopes it’ll be the first in a series of 12 just like it.

This whole project had consumed over 11 months and had taken 12 engineers with 4 technicians to create world first Antimon (Transformer Robot). They hope that it will grow further in future. Team is seeking some funds right now to make a future model than is even better than its previous and has capability to be driven by its owner.

This robot is available for bid in Abu Dhabi and the opening rate for its bid is 600,000$ and this is one of world biggest RC car available yet but not just a car but a transformable car that turns into robot.

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