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My Intro to ActionScript Class
Post on May 1st, 2007
As I am cursed with no artistic talent whatsoever, I am amazed at what people can do with Flash. From simple animated banners to truly beautiful interactive web sites. I do not use Flash on a regular basis, but am knowledgeable of the scripting language ActionScript and what it can do for Flash.
As an adjunct faculty for a local community college, I ocassionally teach weekend classes on Flash. One of the classes I teach is on the basics of ActionScript.
Updated December 2008
There are no significant changes to ActionScript 3.0 with the recent release of Flash CS4, so no changes have been made to my class examples.
Updated November 2007
With the release of Flash CS3, I updated my examples I use in the class to ActionScript 3.0. The source code (.zip) is available for you to download.
ActionScript is based on ECMAScript (which JavaScript is based on) and entered the scene in Flash version 5 and now has developed into a fully fledged programming language with true OOP support.
The topics covered in this class are an overview of the core language, using it within button and movieclip symbols, importing external text files, basic animation techniqes, creating preloaders and an introduction to components.
Here is an updated syllabus (.pdf) for the class to give more detail on the topics covered as well as the example files (.zip).
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The November session (six weeks) for my online classes hosted at has started and registration is closed.
The Understanding WordPress classes run continuously and is paid through this site, so you can register any time.
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This site started back in September 2005 as an online resource for my training at a local computer club. The material was based upon taching people how to do web programming with JavaScript.
It then expanded over the years to offer online classes (in JavaScript and ASP.NET) to anybody as well as more of a wider range of topics inlcuding HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, Flash, etc.
Feel free to contact me if you have any question on the online classes I offer or material covered.


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