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There are also a couple of issues about server requests which makes our blog load lazily. Your site’s load time may hurt you visitors however, to decrease server requests in your Blogger blog we use some plugins or javascript. But before I began to show what plugins can help our blog to load faster.  When visitors first land on your blog there may be a number of images which need to be processed. This could take just a couple seconds or even 8-10 extra seconds for the request to finish. Waiting around for that long can get tiresome and you’ll lose people’s interest rather quickly. I have noticed the longest waiting times for blog posts often contain image galleries. These galleries may hold website design showcases, or any page/article with lots of images. If your readers have speedy Internet access this probably won’t become much of a burden. But is the risky burden even worthwhile? I feel these instances are great examples for when lazy loading could honestly benefit the readers. All images on the page will be held with placeholders until the user scrolls down further and hits each image in succession. There are often people who complain about this feature but I don’t see any problems. Personally I’ve never been annoyed by the effect and it actually seems like a wise method for reducing server loads. If you want see lazy loading effect more than 1 you need clear your browser cache and shift-reload to test again on demo page.

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Add Load Lazy Plugin To Your Blogger BlogNote:- Practically everyone has JavaScript enabled. However there are cases when you want to show the real images even if request come from client which does not support JavaScript. Google crawlers are one good candidate.Google crawlers do not execute JavaScript but also seem to ignore noscript content. To degrade gracefully when JavaScript is not enabled you can include the real image tag inside block. More Documentation This is only for advance user.(Not A Beginner)

It improves your website’s performance by loading your website images lazily. This includes: 1. Post images 2. Post Thumbnails 3. Gravatar images and 4. iframe content These images will loaded only when your visitors scroll closer to them.

Plugin has been tested with Safari 5.1, Safari 6, Chrome 20, Firefox 12 on OSX and Chrome 20, IE 8 and IE 9 on Windows and Safari 5.1 on iOS 5 both iPhone and iPad.

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Edit Html

2. and find the following code

3. paste following code before/above “”

// settings.failure_limit) { return false; } } }); } if(options) { /* Maintain BC for a couple of versions. */ if (undefined !== options.failurelimit) { options.failure_limit = options.failurelimit; delete options.failurelimit; } if (undefined !== options.effectspeed) { options.effect_speed = options.effectspeed; delete options.effectspeed; } $.extend(settings, options); } /* Cache container as jQuery as object. */ $container = (settings.container === undefined || settings.container === window) ? $window : $(settings.container); /* Fire one scroll event per scroll. Not one scroll event per image. */ if (0 === settings.event.indexOf(“scroll”)) { $container.bind(settings.event, function(event) { return update(); }); } this.each(function() { var self = this; var $self = $(self); self.loaded = false; /* When appear is triggered load original image. */ $“appear”, function() { if (!this.loaded) { if (settings.appear) { var elements_left = elements.length;, elements_left, settings); } $(“”) .bind(“load”, function() { $self .hide() .attr(“src”, $ [settings.effect](settings.effect_speed); self.loaded = true; /* Remove image from array so it is not looped next time. */ var temp = $.grep(elements, function(element) { return !element.loaded; }); elements = $(temp); if (settings.load) { var elements_left = elements.length;, elements_left, settings); } }) .attr(“src”, $; } }); /* When wanted event is triggered load original image */ /* by triggering appear.                              */ if (0 !== settings.event.indexOf(“scroll”)) { $self.bind(settings.event, function(event) { if (!self.loaded) { $self.trigger(“appear”); } }); } }); /* Check if something appears when window is resized. */ $window.bind(“resize”, function(event) { update(); }); /* With IOS5 force loading images when navigating with back button. */ /* Non optimal workaround. */ if ((/iphone|ipod|ipad.*os 5/gi).test(navigator.appVersion)) { $window.bind(“pageshow”, function(event) { if (event.originalEvent.persisted) { elements.each(function() { $(this).trigger(“appear”); }); } }); } /* Force initial check if images should appear. */ $(window).load(function() { update(); }); return this; }; /* Convenience methods in jQuery namespace.           */ /* Use as  $.belowthefold(element, {threshold : 100, container : window}) */ $.belowthefold = function(element, settings) { var fold; if (settings.container === undefined || settings.container === window) { fold = $window.height() + $window.scrollTop(); } else { fold = $(settings.container).offset().top + $(settings.container).height(); } return fold <= $(element).offset().top - settings.threshold; }; $.rightoffold = function(element, settings) { var fold; if (settings.container === undefined || settings.container === window) { fold = $window.width() + $window.scrollLeft(); } else { fold = $(settings.container).offset().left + $(settings.container).width(); } return fold <= $(element).offset().left - settings.threshold; }; $.abovethetop = function(element, settings) { var fold; if (settings.container === undefined || settings.container === window) { fold = $window.scrollTop(); } else { fold = $(settings.container).offset().top; }         return fold >= $(element).offset().top + settings.threshold  + $(element).height(); }; $.leftofbegin = function(element, settings) { var fold; if (settings.container === undefined || settings.container === window) { fold = $window.scrollLeft(); } else { fold = $(settings.container).offset().left; } return fold >= $(element).offset().left + settings.threshold + $(element).width(); }; $.inviewport = function(element, settings) { return !$.rightoffold(element, settings) && !$.leftofbegin(element, settings) && !$.belowthefold(element, settings) && !$.abovethetop(element, settings); }; /* Custom selectors for your convenience.   */ /* Use as $(“img:below-the-fold”).something() or */ /* $(“img”).filter(“:below-the-fold”).something() which is faster */ $.extend($.expr[‘:’], { “below-the-fold” : function(a) { return $.belowthefold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “above-the-top”  : function(a) { return !$.belowthefold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “right-of-screen”: function(a) { return $.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “left-of-screen” : function(a) { return !$.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “in-viewport”    : function(a) { return $.inviewport(a, {threshold : 0}); }, /* Maintain BC for couple of versions. */ “above-the-fold” : function(a) { return !$.belowthefold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “right-of-fold”  : function(a) { return $.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0}); }, “left-of-fold”   : function(a) { return !$.rightoffold(a, {threshold : 0}); } }); //]]>

$(function() {

$(“img”).lazyload({placeholder : “”,threshold : 200});



A Plugin Created by Mika Tuupola. We are thank full to mika for this great effort. This plugin very useful for Image Gallery and also for your portfolio websites.


The number of internet users are turning into publishers at a fastest rate, therefore you must be careful when applying a tutorial to your blog and extra careful when the tutorial talks of Jquery and SEO. I am observing baseless SEO tips coming from new bloggers that causes more harm to blogs at long term then a short term relief. Almost every new blogger has started sharing his own ideas of SEO and writing codes. This is surely encouraging but on the other side incorrect knowledge has caused several blogs to be hit by Google penalties such as Panda and Penguin.

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Please let me know if you want any help here. I hope this technique would further help developers to create more interesting blogger templates and contribute further to the blogosphere community. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Please let us know of your precious views so that we could improve it further if needed.

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