Add Twitter Moments On Your Phone Now !

Twitter has initiated the Moments Feature for its users but this feature worked only on web browsers and users who had smartphones made claimed about that feature unavailability in their phones, Twitter which is primarily used on Smartphones by majority of its users and its unavailability on it was mistake as twitter is used on mobile phone first, most of people pick their phones up and make tweets, but now this issue is fixed and u can get it on mobile too.Discover how you can create your own Moment.

Moments is now ready to be on these two Smartphone Platforms named iOS and Android. This had Brought this Feature and its options to Twitter’s already large pool of users. The Process is simple just find your tweet that you want to keep as moment then tap an down located on upper right corner and Select ‘Add to Moment’ to add that in your Twitter Moments.

In case you want to include other posts liked tweets then search those Tweets include them reorder them or whatever you feel good to do with it.

Twitter had already introduced this feature last year and its impact on user is still not sure either most of them had used it find it interesting or not is not discussed it was introduced as a big thing but its impact on users is that its not important for them. Twitter is speeding up work on going on live streaming and maybe there are chances of this feature to be picked up later.

Despite all of its insignificance this feature has great chances of being getting used to by Twitter users,

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