ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of wearing Japanese Lolita fashion

Being able to take part in such a splendid tea party is a great experience.

One advantage is that you can be different to what you usual are.

At the start I was very flustered.

But when wearing clothes like this it became normal for me.

Hey guys and girls this is Cathy Cat and today I have come to “Dreaming of Little Lover” which is the name of the annual tea party which is held by the Lolita Fashion brand “Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

” Today I have the chance to ask the girls, boys and even the models here What the thing is that they find good about Lolita fashion and and what disadvantages it has if they wear this fashion outside.

Let’s go and Ask Japanese! I think a huge advantage is that many people will tell me that I look cute.

Old ladies will fuss over you, saying how cute you look.

It makes me happy when everyone says I look cute.

I actually act as volunteer helper abroad.

I have the chance to tell foreigners abroad about the Japanese Lolita fashion.

People will start talking to me, asking if they can take pictures with me.

And hearing that, makes me really happy.

And I hope that way I can give some happiness to tourists from abroad too.

One advantage is that people will say how cool I look in this fashion.

And because people start talking to me, I made many new friends.

I love clothes, and that got me into this style.

I didn’t know at first about those official tea parties.

Being able to take part in such a splendid tea party is a great experience.

Strangers will greet me.

And from children to grandmothers, they will share words of praise.

Hearing that makes me happy.

When people say I look cute, of course that makes me happy.

I usually wear a skirt and normal girls wear.

But events like these are special.

That’s why I chose to wear man’s fashion today So for the tea parties you prefer the prince style? Gender looks wise there is a difference.

She’s my boyfriend today! One advantage is that you can be different to what you usual are.

What mood has this dress put you in? This one here is called “Little RED Riding Hood” and it makes me feel as if I have become a doll.

My attitude also becomes more girly.

I like it when people ask to take pictures with me and praise my looks.

This fashion makes you very feminine.

Just by wearing it I feel like I have become a princess.

It gives me the chance to experience something unusual.

I think you can really show how unique you are.

I think that’s a great advantage.

A black woman in America often said that I looked so very cute.

I often did get asked to have my picture taken.

That made me happy.

” Makes you want to show off your really cool side?- Exactly.

It makes me happy when girls say I look cool.

Have you left the house wearing men’s fashion? I generally wear men’s fashion outside.

That’s generally my style.

The advantages I get from that are.

You stand out.

It feels nice.

If you get on the train, your petticoats are really in the way.

In places like those Lolita fashion is unpractical.

” So for the people around you.

” I am probably a bit of a nuisance.

Wearing these tall shoes makes it really hard to walk.

It’s really unpractical.

And they are really heavy.

Tall shoes like that are pretty hard to walk in.

Her shoes are like that.

Mine are pretty alright.

I don’t wear shoes with high heels you see.

I stay with flats that are easy to walk.

But when wearing Lolita, you go the extra mile? Yes on a special place and occasion I feel like I want to dress more gorgeous.

I only do this for certain occasions in the year though.

The disadvantage of this fashion is similar to its advantages.

Wearing this fashion you stand out and people might jeer at you.

One disadvantage is.

since the skirt has so much volume.

I have knocked over a tea cup once.

That’s a bit bad really.

People taking pictures of me without my permission is a disadvantage.

I totally understand that feeling.

” I want people to ask.

” Exactly.

If they ask its ok.

If they ask I will be like “Yes sure” but not if they just snap away.

Sneak photography is a no-go! People taking pictures without my permission and then even posting them on Twitter and such.

That was quite a shock to me.

They should have said something.

” Your pictures got taken and posted without your permission? ” Yes! When you search “Lolita fashion” there will be pictures with messages like “see that weird person there” and those are pics taken without permission That’s quite discouraging.

Frankly said, I hate that.

I personally have had no disadvantages.

” Even when you go out on the streets, people don’t harass you? ” No.

That’s fantastic.

That’s an only-in-Japan experience there.

Wearing lolita fashion outside of home.

especially wearing Lolita fashion outside in America.

have you had any advantages or disadvantages? The place where I used to live in America was really on the countryside.

People would ask if I was dressing up for Halloween.

In the beginning that was really embarrassing.

But when wearing these clothes, it became normal after a while.

People will take pictures without my permission.


I went on the train wearing this.


well I had apologize to the people around me.

Sorry for bothering you.

That kind of thing.

Welcome to the magical world of “Dreaming of Little Lover” which is the annual tea party of the Lolita fashion brand “Baby the Stars Shine Bright” and “Alice and the Pirates”.

The most famous Lolita fashion models presented the long awaited newest fashion releases done by both brands.

Special guest was Tsuchiya Anna from the movie “Shimotsuma Monogatari” which is also called “Kamikaze girls”.

And she presented herself in full Lolita style.

More about this at the end of the video.

Plus and minus about wearing Lolita/Ouji Fashion in public.

One plus are the people around.

You get lots of positive comments, especially here in Japan, if you dress up like this.

I got positive comments when I was in the UK.

Usually by elder ladies who thought we were a hen party or some kind of birthday party for which everyone dressed up.

Generally people get positive comments in most places here in Japan.

I know it might be different in your country though.

Again it’s the way it makes people feel when they dress up.

Other people will dress up nice for a party, Lolitas dress up nice for a tea party.

Minus point again are the people.

Sometimes people will be very rude in Japan and take pics of you even though you don’t want them to do that.

The rudest thing you can do is take pictures without asking and then putting them online.

Please never ever do that.

If you want to be able to ask a person nicely if you can take a pic of them There is a video in the top right of the screen.

There are links so you can learn how to ask.

Another minus point is that these clothes, are very puffy.

You might knock things over or in the crowded trains annoy people.

Because you take up the space of two or three people.

with the puff of your petticoat.

That’s two things that people mentioned, it might be different in your country.

Let us know, what are the plus and minus points about wearing unique fashion in your country.

Looking forward to your comments and never forget, dress the way you like to dress.

Don’t give up your uniqueness just because other people say they don’t like it.

Hope you have a lovely day and catch you soon on Ask Japanese.SHARE

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