Alchemy Raw Vegan Restaurant

Meet the incredibly delicious (and messy) raw BLT! Made of savory coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato with BBQ sauce, pickles, and a mystery white sauce that keeps us coming back! If you’re in Ubud get your booty over to Alchemy in Bali and order this sandwich!

We demolished this raw Mexican dish with dehydrated chips, crunchy lettuce, raw vegan taco meat, avocado, spicy mango salsa, and peppers! Beyond tasty and all vegan!

The real show stopper are these beyond tasty raw rolls made with dehydrated papaya wraps! They are filled with fresh veggies like carrots, jicama, cabbage, bell peppers, and cucumber! Served with sesame ginger sauce creates a perfect blend of flavors!Location: Alchemy in Bali, ThailandSTAY IN THE LOOP & GET ON OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!FOLLOW US… Share this:Balihealthy foodRaw BLT Sandwichraw vietnamese rollsvegan food baliPrevious ArticleMieten und Reisen mit dem Motorroller in Bali, Thailand und MalaysiaNo Newer ArticlesLibby Green

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