A SERIOUS UPGRADE FOR M14 / M1A TYPE RIFLESTHIS WAS AN OLDER POST (GUN PART OF THE WEEK), BUT NOW THAT I HAVE ACTUALLY STARTED TO POST ACTUAL REVIEWS OF PRODUCTS, I HAVE REPOSTED THIS AS AN ACTUAL REVIEW. LOCK-N-LOAD BLOG HAS REVIEWED THE SADLAK IDUSTRIES NATIONAL MATCH OP-ROD SPRING GUIDE AND HERE IS WHAT WE THOUGHT:I FIRST HEARD ABOUT SADLAK INDUSTRIES llc. WHILE SCOWERING THE INTERNET FOR POSSIBLE UPGRADES for MY SOCOM II. I WAS IN THE MARKET FOR a u.s.g.i. birch stock and a few other accessories, so I was looking daily for something new. as a member of m14forums, I began asking around to other m14/m1a owner’s about possible upgrades, improvements and do it yourself I continued to receive answers to my upgrade questions, I was continually told to check out sadlak industries products. several members advised that sadlak industries produces many parts for the m14/m1a type platform, which are considered to be an “upgrade” from the commercial parts that are commonly found on most commercial/clone m14/m1a’s.after searching and reviewing several parts from sadlak industries, I found that the two most commonly purchased parts from sadlak by other m14/m1a owner’s was their famous tin coated gas pistons and nm op-rod spring guides.I finally decided to order one of their nm op-rod spring guides. according to sadlak industries, once installed their spring guide will improve the action of your op rod and will cut down wear, subsequently increasing your rifle’s overall accuracy. accuracy always speaks to me, so anything I could do to make my short barreled socom ii more accurate was a plus!after a few days, the spring guide arrived at my front door. the guide was very solid and much heavier duty than I expected. but this was a good thing! just by holding the guide, you could see and feel the quality in which sadlak industries uses to make their products. it is one solid piece constructed from 8620 tool steel and has no welding, which can cause distortions. matter of fact, sadlak industries is proud to say that it is made to the same intense specifications of the u.s. military’s national match rifles. now that’s saying something! to see the exact description or manufacturing process, click here: marveling over my newly purchased upgrade, I immediately installed it on my socom ii. the installation was very simple and easy to do (check back later to see a “how to” on installing the spring guide). once the nm op-rod guide was properly installed, i could immediately tell the difference both visually and of the biggest visible differences after the installation is how straight it makes the actual spring itself. with most stamped u.s.g.i. or commercial spring guides, the spring tends to “bunch up” or have a snake like appearance (see pictures below).without:with:however, one of the best differences to me, was how smooth it made the action of my rifle. I cycled the action a few times by hand and loved the difference. the op rod seemed to glide effortlessly down the track, causing the bolt and everything else to sync in perfect unison together. I was very satisfied and became an immediate fan of sadlak industries.but the true test would be live firing my socom ii with my newly installed upgrade. about a week after I installed sadlak spring guide, I finally got to take her out to the range and shoot. I can tell you that the difference was absolutely noticeable. every shot fired was followed by a very smooth cycling action. it even seemed to make the recoil more manageable, even though this was probably my imagination. I did not test to see if the accuracy had improved on this particular trip, however I can tell you that the steel plate at 300 yards sure hated me on that day. ping! ping! ping!all in all, I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ANY M14/M1A OWNER AS A SERIOUS UPGRADE. through quality, craftsmanship and state of the art designs, sadlak deliver’s products held to higher standard than most on the market. if it’s good enough for the military, it is certainly good enough for me and you! HAVE FUN, BE SAFE AND SHOOT ON!-MICHAEL SAPP-LOCK-N-LOAD BLOG’S RATING:5 OUT OF 5For your convenience, I have added the part number from  The part number is #100-001-328No comments:Home

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