Ancient and Medieval India For UPSC Examinations

Hello everyone. In this post you can find a PDF of ” Ancient and Medieval India For UPSC Examinations” by Poonam Dalal Dahiya, which is a very essential book for all the UPSC examinations. All the students who are preparing for UPSC exams and also other competitive exams should read this book.  This book aims at providing information related to ancient and medieval India for state civil service examinations as well. Below is an extract of the content which is present in the book.

Ancient India

Harappan Civilization / Bronze Age Civilization

The Vedic Age

The Mahajanapadas of the Indo- Gangetic  Plain

Buddhism and JainismAlso Read: Karl Marx And His Philosophy ” World History Notes PDF Download

The Maurya Empire

Political And Cultural Development During 200 BCE ” 300 BCE

The Guptas and The Vakatakas

Early Medieval Age

Period from 1000 BCE to 1200 BCE

The Delhi Sultanate

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