And Here We Go!: Cycle 2 Geography Cards

Cycle 2 Geography Cards
Last year, Crecia at Taking It One Day at a Time made awesome geography cards that we used for review. Since God is leading Crecia down a different path this school year, she’s given me her blessing to go ahead and create them for Cycle 2.You can download them from C3 under username: melodystroud.You can use these little cards in fun different ways. Cut them, laminate, and go to town! My favorite way is to put the previous week’s cards in a bag and randomly pull them out and locate the places. Quick, easy, and fun – perfect!Oh, I should mention that the card on Week 2 for the North Sea is actually a really cool picture of where the North and Baltic Seas meet (you can have your kiddos research why the seas don’t mesh!). It was difficult to search through all the images and pick just one for all of these great places. I tried to find interesting pictures that might spark conversation around the table and get Mary excited to learn more about God’s world.I hope these can be a blessing to you if you chose to use them!Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest
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