Apple Inc under Fire of politics

After Trump shocking win, China’s State run newspaper Global Times gave their early response to election comments made by Donald Trump regarding trade Policies plans with China.

The editorial came right after Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping communicated for the first time following the election result.

Trump said he will Impose 45 % tariff on imports from China if gets elected and like many weird comments made by Trump in election campaign all eyes of world are on President policies that what will it be? Regardless of fact that its still not official it has not stopped China’s Global to give their take on his election policy.

They responded with tit for tat approach that we will replace Boeing orders by Airbus. U.S Auto and IPhone Sales in china will get setback, and U.S soybean, maize imports will be stopped. China will also limit numbers of Chinese students studying in U.S.

Global Times further stated that it is a win win situation for all to maintain current agreements, and that there are a lot of chances of having a major setback to do otherwise. Trump as a sharp businessman will not be so naïve. None of the previous presidents were bold enough to launch an all out trade war against China. They all chose for a cautious line since it’s most consistent with the overall interests of the U.S., and it’s most acceptable to U.S. society.

Chinese media also reported that both American and Chinese Presidents made plans to meet “at an early date.”

Apple already had been target of politics Donald Trump made comments to boycott apple products after they rejected Government request to unlock private data of San Bernardine shooters , he also stated that they should make devices at  home instead overseas , and had made choice comments on China and Apple earlier.

Apple CEO Tim Cook urged employees to “move forward together” in spite of the political division in America right now.


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