Apple Technology Drawbacks

Some people like to use window phones, Android, Blackberry or some like to use Apple iPhones. But there are many advantages and disadvantage of every technology that are more irritating for their customers. The drawbacks of Apple technology include many factors such as this is the most costly technology, which is oftenly out of the budget for many people who want to use it. Other factors include the connectivity problem, not open source, ringtone sharing, restricted connectivity, single SIM mobiles, and last important factor is that if you become the permanent user of itechnology, you definitely become addicted and can’t switch back to other devices. The repair costs are also very high and there is no NFC support and no performance on 3G.

The main drawbacks of the Jailbreaking iPhones is the warranty. If the customer face any problem, then Apple does not support any warranty to repair or solve this problem.

There is also the problem of hacking of this technology. The security flaws include jailbroken device and hackers can easily withdraw your data and convert it into other devices.

There is no software updates. Apple does not process the updating requirements. If you want to update the latest IOS version, then it must be it in present conditions. So, you need to repair again Apple technology after the updation.

The most important problem that every Apple user face, is the connectivity issue. If you want to share photos, tunes, and any other thing, you can’t share because Apple technology does not allow their users to share via Bluetooth. There is an Apple store in which all apps and music, tunes are available through users can easily download. There is a virus problem during sharing many things.

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