Art Cafe Coffee and Tea House Koh Phangan

Art Cafe’s fresh and crisp Mediterranean salad!

With loads of raw veggies like bell peppers, white onion, tomatoes and black olives, this salad is spot on! Besides the vegetables it also comes with some tasty chickpeas! Originally this salad was accompanied with some feta cheese but ya know… we said to hold it!Veggie BLT action in Koh Phangan!

It’s nice to have a legit sandwich that reminds me of back home! I can’t help but get a little home sick sometimes when it comes to sandwiches (and my family too haha!) To be honest, Marcel ate 93% of this sandwich… I took just a bite! But, it was a BIG bite!!It’s time to CELEBRATE!!!

Today marks our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of traveling!!! I can’t believe we’ve been so fortunate to travel so long, meet amazing people, eat delicious vegan food, see breathtaking landscapes, and focus our love for Eat Away! This gluten-free vegan brownie is a perfect representation of our travel anniversary! All of these ingredients, time, and determination made this tasty treat! We had the pleasure of meeting the creator of this brownie! She was so proud of her work and talk about how she made it. You see, she loves what she does, she’s authentic, and it shows. Team Eat Away strives to always do our best work. This year going forward we have so much motivation to create more and better work. Most of all, like this cake, we want our love and hard work to show in EVERYTHING we do! From Instagram, YouTube, Mode to our website we desire to be a source of encouragement for this lifestyle. We’re so grateful for you all to be on this journey with us and for your support! Cheers to another year (or more) of travel!!STAY IN THE LOOP & GET ON OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER!FOLLOW US… Share this:Art Cafe Koh PhanganCoffee and Tea HouseDaily EatsKoh PhanganSaladVegan CakeVegan FoodNo Older ArticlesNext ArticleGreen Kitchen Vegan Balinese Cooking ClassLibby Green

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Here’s the deal… I love to share. As a long term traveler, I’m constantly inspired by the world around me.

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