AUAG Sous Vide Review

The AuAg Sous Vide is a great way to cook meals without over cooking or ever cooking. Similar to a crock pot you can leave while the Sous Vide does its work.

However the principals are different than that of a crockpot. A Sous Vide means to cook under vacuum, so the sous vide is essentially a water heater that heats water to an exact temperature and for a specified time duration so that is why it does not over cook your food.

To use it, make sure you have either vacuum food grade bags or ziplock type bags that are BPA free, this is where you will be cooking your food in so that is very important.

Second you will need a container for your water, not just any container but one that is made for cooking like a 7.5 liter polycarbonate container like you would find at a restaurant or a container specifically designed for the sous vide.

Therefore you can actually prepare your meal at any time that you desire and the AuAg Sous Vide will do the rest. You will avoid overcooking giving you the freedom to go about your day and return to a perfectly cooked warm meal like you would expect in a fine dining restaurant.

There are 30 presets available for different food items you can cook, but the list of items you can cook go on and on.

Aside from the preset menu options there are other time and temperature settings that can be adjusted specifically for the duration and temperature you wish to prepare your meal or variation thereof.

The sous vide doesn’t over cook because it heats water only to designated temperature and stays that temperature consistently.

For Example, you might try to cook a medium rare steak for an hour and though while the steak will be thoroughly cooked it may be stiffer than a medium rare steak cooked for 2 hours up to 6 hours or even longer.

So time is also a factor depending on what you want to cook you may try a recommendation however making sure to cook thoroughly for an extended period of time can yield more or less favorable results.

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There is also no limit to meals you can prepare using a sous vide, the possibilities are virtually endless, there are a wide variety expansive like the ocean of different types or meals or deserts you can prepare.

Try Cream Broulet for instance. Now you can make gourmet food in your own home or just add the sous vide to your cooking arsenal. Just think of how many different things you can do with the AuAg Sous Vide.

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