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Back in the day, it was a Wednesday roughly a year ago -lol-, I was always looking for the secret sauce to everything in life. If I could just figure out their secret to weight loss or being a coach, I would be the most successful Beachbody Coach ever and finally lose that last 30lbs. I would see my friends losing weight or making Diamond rank or star diamond rank and I would think WTF, what is their secret sauce?!!

I like to think most of us have felt this way before. It’s only natural to have feelings like that! But, what I have discovered from submerging myself in that personal development stuff and asking questions, calling into team calls and listening to pod cast after pod cast is… there is NO secret sauce. Achieving your goals be it as a beachbody coach or losing weight, is simple. There is no secret sauce, no magic formula.

Losing weight is simple. It’s all about calories in and calories out. Eat healthy whole foods in the right moderation and working out everyday to burn calories and will get steady weight loss over time. But, is that EASY? Let’s consider this, if it was EASY wouldn’t everyone do it? Wouldn’t everyone be a CEO billionaire or bikini model if it was easy? Shoot, if it was easy wouldn’t everyone at least be a healthy weight? Of course they would, but the problem is it’s not easy… but it is SIMPLE!

I KNOW you KNOW that eating a double bacon cheeseburger for lunch everyday isn’t what you should be eating but, a lot of us still do it. I’m guilty of a weekend of cheeseburgers and wine on occasion, now anyways, the wine always makes me feel sick but, I drink it anyways even though I know I’m going to feel lousy the next day. But, why do people make poor food choices or choose not to workout day after day?Because it’s EASY.

Getting up to workout, prepping your food and planning your meals out takes work. It’s simple but it takes time, energy and work. It’s not easy. Just like becoming a successful beachbody coach takes work. It’s simple once you figure out your WHY ” so cliche I know but, unless you know WHY you want to be a successful coach or WHY you want to lose weight you will be searching for that secret sauce.

For me, I was tired of sitting at a desk for 8hrs. A place where my thoughts, opinions and ideas where discouraged. I was SICK TO DEATH of not seeing day light for 8hrs everyday and working in what is basically a storage container in a GIANT factory… sigh, but it was EASY.. the money was EASY and good. All I had to do was sell 40hrs a week of my life, of my time (which I CAN NEVER buy more of), keep my mouth shut, take the fall for other peoples mistakes and shitty worth ethic, collect a paycheck and take ALL my vacation and sick time every year; when I could. When I sat back and looked at the big picture I realized well… shit has got to change. I can’t do this forever.. I had a panic attack over it as I reflected on my future and my corporate life.

I didn’t want that. I wanted to be FREE. Free to choose how I spent ALL my time. Working on things I LOVE like this blog, building good quality content that can help people. Helping people achieve their health, fitness and business goals.. Ahhhh now that FEELS good. That feels like breathing fresh air!Once I saw the BIG PICTURE that is the Krystle Atkins show lol It clicked!I was like, ok girl, we got this! We know what we don’t want, now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and really dig deep and commit to getting it done. It doesn’t happen over night, it’s NOT easy. But the plan I built is simple to follow daily. It’s that daily consistency that gets you there. Little by little, piece by piece. We are tricked in life by outside influences to believe that shit happens over night. But the thing is anything worth having just doesn’t fall in your lap and happen over night! Sure you can put in an application to a job and sell your time and get money over night. And sure, you can slap a wrap on and down some weight loss pills and get weight loss overnight. But, it will always come back, and you will ALWAYS be selling your time. But, I will say the ladder is easier.. but not better in my opinion.

Ultimately, at the end of the day it really comes down to what you want and which road you want to take. Let’s say you pick the simple road, the one that isn’t going to be easy. But, don’t worry I can help you along the way.Also See: Become a Beachbody Coach Here are 5 Tips to Sky ROCKET your Beachbody Coach Business into flight!

1. Be a believer not a Belieber! 😀 In the beginning I just didn’t believe in me or the products honestly. I hadn’t followed a program like I should and I didn’t really dive into Personal Development. I was always thinking, yea that Beachbody Coach is doing well because they have the secret sauce, they have hook ups or they got on a better team… Lamesauce excuses

The truth is, there is no arguing that this business does work, there is ample evidence to prove it and plenty of new coaches making 6 figure incomes who joined the coach opportunity as late as 2013! And, this isn’t just 1 or 2 people, it’s THOUSANDS of people. So, I just need to BELIEVE that if I committed and took that longer simpler road I would get there.  And, you need to do that same.

2. Read, Listen and Apply PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ” it WILL help with #1 if you are struggling there and this is how you learn. There is no college for MLM’s, coaching or even weight loss. Submerge yourself in the culture and listen to those who are teaching the skills you want to acquire.

3. Make the Choice to be Badass! You are a BAD ASS and you got this. Make the choice to be successful at Beachbody Coaching or weight loss, whatever it is you want. Tell yourself you are not stopping until you achieve that goal you just set. At this point the only way to TRULY fail is to quit. Don’t be a quitter.

4. Build a Plan and take serious action daily, consistently!

5. Don’t be afraid to fail. It happens to everyone not just me or you. We all fail from time to time and it’s ok to feel it emotionally, take a minute to yell F**K or kick rocks whatever your thing is lol but, don’t do it for too long. Pick yourself up and ask yourself. What can I learn from this experience? What can I do differently in the future? I find journaling helps me a lot with this process.

So there you have it friends. 5 tip to to Sky ROCKET your Beachbody Coach Business into flight!

And remember: There is no secret sauce, you don’t need it because the things you want to achieve are SIMPLE and they won’t come EASY ” but they are WORTH IT!Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word 🙂

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