Beachbody Coach Do’s & Don’t

Hey there guys, today I wanted to take a quick second to give you some tips on your Beachbody Coach business. I know I’ve personally experienced a lot of failures along the way. I know failure is such a harsh word but it’s true. But, the best part of failure is that when you take the time to review it you learn something that you can take with you to the next experience or conversation with a potential customers.

I know for me, talking to people about Beachbody programs, Shakeology and coaching was like the scariest thing ever! I thought for sure they would just say no and what do you think happened… they said no… A LOT so much so I was beginning to think that maybe I should do something else.

But, if I did that, those failures would have hunted me and I was tired of being a quitter so I took some notes, did something and came up with a list of Do’s & Don’t when talking with my potential customers. And of course, I wanted to share them with you.

DO: Start out by asking about them. Their goals, their interests and what they are currently doing and/or enjoying

DON’T: Start out with that months sales and convince them why they should get that over without learning about them.

DO: Ask them if they have friends and family that would like to join them either at home or in a Challenge Group.

DON’T: Don’t insist they invite your friends because you need more people in your group.. how lame does that sound.. I need you to recruiter your friends or my group will stink.

DO: Offer provide as much information to your potential customers as possible. ” Example: I have people who will ask me about programs, meals plans and have no intention of buying anything. I was really conflicted with how to approach this but at the end of the day we are in the busy of helping people so it’s our job as coaches to help!

DON’T: Upload the program and give it away for free. It’s ok to explain, answer questions and give examples of how things work. It’s not ok for you to feel like you have to give things away for free, especially things like programs and nutrition plans. That is how you are compensated for your time.

DO: Follow up

DON’T: Not follow up because you think you are bugging them. ” I’ve heard no doesn’t mean no it just means not right now. I kind of agree with this, I don’t like people to bug me so why would I do it to them? My rule of thumb is 3 follows up. If they turn me down after 3 follows up’s it’s a no. If they are interested in joining my challenges they will see my post and contact me. These next ones are more for your business than talking to your customers but I think they are vastly important to how well you perform as a Beachbody Coach.

DO: Break your goals down into small steps and work on them everyday. For example my goal is to get google ranked with my blog. So I post daily blog post.

DON’T: Feel like you need to go from Beachbody Coach to 15 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach overnight.

DO: Have faith and confidence in yourself. You don’t need to know everything, you can’t and you won’t. But that is kind of how this network marketing thing works. As a Beachbody Coach you are going to need to jump in and get busy failing.

DON’T: Quit you have no idea how close you are to reaching that goal.

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