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Exciting news was just announced by Team Beachbody! As of January 5th, 2015 Active Duty service members & Veterans can now become a Beachbody Coach for FREE and receive a discount on all of their Beachbody products. Heck Yea! Beachbody has always offered this discount to Active Duty service members and their families as a way of saying thank you. But, it was just recently that they extended that discount to Veterans.

Mike and I were super excited about this because if you didn’t already know, Mike is a U.S. Air Force Veteran. I love looking at those pictures of him in uniform. 😉I think this is an amazing thing to do; I love being apart of a company that does things like this.

Anyways, when you become a Beachbody Coach there is typically a $39.95 one-time fee along with a $15.95 monthly fee. However, both of these fees are waved. Now, I am sure you are wondering…How Do I Qualify for The Beachbody Coach Military Discount?

If you can say yes to one of the following things, you are in like Flynn.

1) I am an active duty military service member

2) I am a military service member wounded in action

3) I was honorably discharged and I am a military veteran

4) My spouse or domestic partner is an active duty service member, a military service member wounded in action, or a military service member lost or killed in action.

How This Works

If you qualify for the Beachbody Coach Military Discount Program, you can now sign up for free since, that initial sign up fee of $39.95 is waved & the monthly $15.95 is also waved. 

Personally, I think one of the perks of being a Beachbody Coach is the 25% discount on all products. This can save you a ton of money on programs and Shakeology. Now, some people enroll as a coach just for the discount, this one was me in the beginning.

Others, will refer a few friends and family members and earn a little extra cash on the side for things like that new Burberry or Coach bag, this was also me, I mean what lady doesn’t love a new purse or some new shoes? And a select few will turn their coaching gig into a full time business and this is me now. There are lots of opportunities by becoming a Beachbody Coach and I can help you figure out which one is best for you.

How to Get Started

It’s a two step process and I’ll be honest, the sign up part isn’t my favorite thing. I personally think it’s a little backwards but, I’m sure they have a good reason for doing it this way. You will want to first sign up, pay the sign up fee; submit the required paperwork and once Beachbody has received it you will get a reimbursement of $39.95 plus tax credited back to the card you used at sign up in 3-5 days.

First:Sign Me Up Scottie(you know like beam me up Scottie? I can be a little nerdy lol)

Second: Attach the military fax cover sheet (Click Here), the required coach information and a copy of one of the approved status documents.

Required Coach Documents & Approved Stats Documents

Approved Veterans Status Document DD214

Approved Military Active Status


Current active duty orders

LES ” Leave & Earnings Statement

BIR ” Basic Information Report

Proof of Service Letter from Personnel Note: Military personal ID cards cannot and will not be accepted as proof of eligibility for this program.

Required Coach Information

All of the following must be included on the military active status document:Applicant or spouse’s full name

Social Security number (SSN)*

Date of birth

Date active duty service started

Date active service was extended

Date of separation

*Include the SSN of the person enrolling as a Coach regardless of whose military status is being used.

Requirements to keep the Military Beachbody Coach Discount Active

Once all your paperwork is turned in and your Coach fee is returned you must purchase at least 50PV of product every three months (quarterly) or your membership will be cancelled :(. If you drink Shakeology(90PV) monthly or treat yourself to a new workout program every 3 months (most are 90PV and up) you can easily maintain this requirement.

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