Beachbody Coach Rewards

There are so many rewards when it comes to being a Beachbody coach. Most people’s first thought is about the financial rewards that come with coaching and how exactly that is done. Well, I’ll be honest, it’s takes hard-work and persistence but, if you can do that then you can achieve some incredible financial gains as you build your team.

There are coaches who make a living as a Beachbody coach and others who use it as a way to pay some bills and take there family on free vacations every year. There are no guarantees however. This is not like corporate America where you log your time and collect your check. You really have to work at this with no financial gain in the beginning until, after a lot of work you see the reward.

I personally love the connections I make as a Beachbody Coach. You get to meet people who you normally would not have met. People who lift you up and support you. This experience has changed my life in amazing ways. It’s helped me open my mind to the idea of happiness and success. Who knew that someone telling you, “you can do it” in a sea of “no you cant’s” could be so powerful. And if my post and messages reaching out to others saying, “hey, you can do it.” inspires them too. Then I think that is one of the greatest rewards of being a Beachbody Coach.

There is also the 25% discount you get on all Beachbody Products. If you drink Shakeology everyday like me and get your order on Home Direct, becoming a coach is a great way to save $35 dollars a bag. This discount applies to everything Beachbody including new programs like Shaun T’s Cize (coming July 2015).

As a Beachbody coach you also get invited to yearly training events like the Beachbody Coach Summit and quarterly events like Super Saturday. These events provide new coaches with valuable trainings that will help give you ideas on how to get your business going in the direction you want it to. Mike I learned so much at our first Beachbody Coach Summit and I have no doubt that going to these events helped to boost our business.
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