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Parenting is no piece of cake. Caring for a little one is easier said than done. Often when we put the baby in another room to sleep we are concerned about the safety of the baby. Babies are added responsibility as they are dependent on their parents about everything. Looking after a baby can really drain you out as you are constantly on your feet while looking after your child. Most parents will vouch for the fact that even though they put their little one to sleep in another room they often get up multiple times at night to ensure that the baby is asleep and does not require anything. While you can continue to check on the baby every now and then most working parents find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep and often find themselves feeling tired and sleepy in the morning. A solution to this is the video baby monitor.

The best video baby monitors for children are useful devices that can help you track the sleep pattern of the baby and lets you decide if a particular situation requires you to go into the room or not. As a parent the safety and security of your baby is always a priority, at the same time you also want to inculcate the habit of them sleeping in their rooms from an early age. Baby monitors will definitely help you in doing so.Track the movement of the baby: Babies are known to get up in the middle of night. Very often when you hear them cry or a sound of your baby you want to know whether it is safe or not. A baby video monitor such as Motorola will help you see the baby and decide for yourself whether you need to go and comfort the child or whether it can get back to its sleep on its own. Sometimes a child awakens and is simply afraid of the darkness if its night or afraid because no one is there with them. The visuals provided by the best babymonitors will help you decide whether you need to rush to the room to comfort the child or whether you can stay back and perhaps provide a lesson in sleep training.Save time and effort:Baby video monitor is like a live telecast of the sleeping baby. The baby video monitor will help you save a lot of time and effort as you do not have to get up and check every hour if the child is sleeping soundly or not. Instead you can use the time to get much needed sleep and rest for yourself so that you are fresh the following morning. The baby video monitor will relive you of your worry as you can check on your baby anytime and only get up and go to the room if the situation really warrants it. This will ensure that you do not tire yourself out by checking on the baby every hour; the baby video monitor will do that for you and alert you in case a situation requires your presence.Good Vision and advanced technology: Majority of the video baby monitors will use the LCD screens. This ensures that during the day you get the best quality pictures and also at night you get clear black and white pictures which will enable you to see what the baby is doing very clearly. Some of the best video baby monitors come with touch screen technology that makes it even simpler to control the camera. Some even offer built in lullabies which you can use to pacify the baby. All this makes it very easy to monitor the movement of the baby and also decide if intervention is required or not.Convenience: Perhaps the most important factor apart from safety is convenience. You can have a peace of mind and not worry about the baby constantly. Many couples are working parents and hence understand the need and importance of a good sleep for themselves as well. The video baby monitor will make it very convenient for them to monitor the child’s sleep pattern. In fact you can also use it if your child’s doctor needs it to analyze sleep pattern of the child.Security: Baby video monitors are equipped to catch the slightest sound or movement of the baby. Parents are immediately alerted if the baby is crying or has stood in the crib or if it has accidentally fallen off. It is also helpful if you have hired a nanny to look after your child, you can even monitor if he/she is taking adequate care of the child. This is like a value added service.Easy Connectivity: Most baby video monitors come equipped with WIFI connectivity. So a parent can easily use the internet to log in and get the video feeds of his child. This is important when you are away at work and want to check what your child is doing.Baby video monitor is one of the top ranked baby care items that most parents prefer. It eliminates any risk the child might face when they are alone in the crib or room. While searching for a video baby monitor it makes sense to not buy it blindly. Do a little research yourself and see video baby monitorreviews before deciding on the apt video baby monitor for you and your child. Usually the baby video monitors work up to a range of 300 metres and is an important factor to consider while you are buying baby monitors. Depending on the layout of your house, you need to select a product that will best suit your requirements. However also note that most baby video monitors will only give a range of about 70-90 metres, this is because the walls in our houses are thick and will not allow the signals to pass very effectively. Therefore before buying the baby video monitor it is advisable to understand this critical range detail thoroughly.Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video and Sound Baby MonitorFor better and soundless sleep for you and your baby, try Angelcare Digital Video and Sound Baby Monitor. It comes with special features that allow you to keep a track of your baby at all times and promises to make life much simpler and easy for both of you!Features

The Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video and Sound Baby Monitor comes with a proper coloured video and camera for clear night vision. It also has a nursery night light along with a two way talk back. The room temperature display is also present. The video camera also features a single zoom function and the angle can be adjusted accordingly. A low battery indicator is also present for your convenience.Pros and cons

The Angelcare video and sound baby monitor is easy to use, hardly ever creates an issue and comes with a sensor pad that promises peace of mind. The only con with this product is that it might not be highly reliable. Plus the touchscreen often behaves like a thermometer which leaves no proper sound system in the baby’s room. Otherwise, it works just fine.Verdict

The monitor is brilliant. It will hardly ever give you a reason to complain. Also it is portable and promises to work for a longer period of time. The product also comes with immense picture clarity and has nice light options as well. In short, it is good for usage!BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 LightshowFor busy parents who want their babies sleep blissfully at night, the BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow is all you need. With good picture and amazing sound quality, the lightshow promises to take good care of your little one at all times.Features

The BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow comes with lightshows that feature stars and moons that will let your baby drift off to sleep within minutes. It has a touch screen of 3.5 inches, is coloured and can give you up to 480X320 resolution. The lightshow also comes with 19 nursery rhymes, songs and lullabies. The temperature display also lets you know how hot or cold the nursery is.Pros and cons

Out of all the good features, the best quality that comes with the lightshow is night vision. The video and picture quality is also top notch. The lullaby feature makes things much easier and allows the little one to sleep without any fuss. The only con with this product is that it often keeps losing signals and might not be very reliable.Verdict

The BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow is a somewhat average product to use for babies and infants. It comes with high quality picture and sound and helps you stay in touch with your child even though you might not be physically present.

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