Benefits of owning a golf hitting net

A golf hitting net is a must have for the avid golfer, and highly recommended by teaching pros for golf game development. It is proven that hitting into a net (especially a net with a target) helps create and maintain consistent, solid ball-striking.

Some may say…”But you can’t see where the ball is going? How does that help?” Well, the fact is, most of the time we know exactly where the ball is going without even looking after we hit our shot!

“Hitting into a net at a target allows you to concentrate your focus on quality of impact and direction even more”. -Michael Kline, PGA Teaching Professional

Not to mention it’s cheaper and more convenient that hitting the range. Why not quickly set up the net in the back yard, basement, garage or living room (…uhh, careful!) and hit a few shots. Who cares what the weather is like if you can bring it indoors!

Satisfy your golf fix, no matter what the weather is like! There’s nothing like being in the northern latitudes in winter, or a rainy day in summer, where we are forced to sit home and just watch golf on TV…that just stinks!

With an indoor golf hitting net you can work on your full swing no matter what the weather or season.

Golf hitting nets are great for maximizing your golf game’s potential. Basically you are bringing the range home to you, and that means your skills will get better fast! As a hitting net owner myself, I can tell you that I find myself smacking balls into the net more than 4 days a week, and my ball striking is so much better for it.

Golf Season Year Round!

A golf hitting net helps you keep your “golf muscles” in shape. I was sick of getting those sore muscles at the beginning of each golf season! Plus there’s the beginning of the season slump I always had because I hadn’t worked on my swing. Getting a net lets you start the golf season in peak form.

The Full Swing And Ball Striking…

A golf hitting net is so great for development of the full swing and ball striking improvement. Some may ask, “Isn’t it hard because you can’t see where the ball is going?” I would argue that not seeing where the ball is going gives you different feedback, but just as beneficial. You know when you hit it solid into the net. Or thin…or fat… Just like you really don’t have to look at where the ball is going to know that you hit it solid on the range or course.

Enjoy and have fun working on your swing! Go somewhere online like Amazon to get cheaper pricing on these nets.

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