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Our pick for the top 5 diaper pails for this review we chose five brands known for quality diaper pails showcasing a variety of options that are available at the number five spot is the safety first easy saver diaper pail chosen not only for its features but also because of its budget-friendly price tag as the name implies safety first is a leader in great child safety products the safety first easy saver diaper pail is a one hand use pail it has a deodorizer disc to help prevent odor from escaping this pail has an extremely large capacity it can carry up to 80 newborn diapers before it needs to be emptied it uses any type of plastic bag so you don’t need to waste money buying special ones there have been a few complaints that this pail may still smell in spite of its deodorizing feature next on our list at number four is the busch systems odorless diaper pail for over 30 years busch systems has been manufacturing top quality bins from recycled products the busch systems odorless diaper pail has a unique carbon filter that lets air in and prevents odor from getting out it’s also childproof as it has a strong clamp closure this pail has a do clip that helps to mask odors it’s durable and long-lasting this 7 gallon pail can carry a lot of diapers no the plastic is known to absorb the odor so the pail may start smelling after sometime the next product on our list was chosen because it is a great choice for people who are looking for a diaper pail with lots of bells and whistles at number three we have the ooby diaper pail ubi creates innovative quality products for parents caregivers and children the ubi diaper pail is designed with powder-coated steel and a rubber seal that helps prevent odor from escaping it also has a sliding lid that minimizes air movement and keeps the smell in the pail this pail can hold up to 50 newborn diapers it has a child safety lock and a slow closing lid to prevent children or pets from getting hurt one problem of this diaper pail is that the opening on the lid is a bit small when choosing the right diaper pail for your needs top products knows that budget can be an important consideration and our number two pick the Munchkin Armand Hammer diaper pail takes the spot for best value for many years munchkin has been making efficient and innovative diaper pails and their refills the Munchkin Armand Hammer diaper pail eliminates odor to its maximum extent as it is powered by odor eliminating baking soda it weighs 23 ounces and can hold quite a lot of diapers this diaper pail is self sealing all you need to do is just close the lid and the bag will close this provides double protection from odor and germs there have been complaints that it doesn’t have a petal to open it so you have to use your hands and finally the decor plus diaper pail made it to our top choice position because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price decor has been designing and manufacturing top quality diaper pails and refills since 2000 the decor plus diaper pail holds up to 60 diapers before it needs to be emptied and features a rubber sealed lid that traps odor this pail is made of ABS plastic that doesn’t absorb smell it’s also quite hygienic as you do not need to touch it while researching we found complaints that it still smells a bit especially when left for very long these are our top 5 diaper pails we hope you enjoyed watching our review until next time take care. For best car cover reviews just visit here

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