Best Foil Shaver for Men in Dubai

An electric shaver is a vital component for men that want a close shave, without the hassle and inconvenience of razor shaving. Find the best foil shaver for you as we go over some of the more popular options.

Braun Series 9 9240s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver, Wet And Dry, Rechargeable And Cordless Razor With Pop Up Trimmer ” Black. A high quality shaving result combines closeness and skin comfort without compromises. With braun series 9 9240s, you are choosing the standard of excellence in both.UNMATCHED CLOSENESS & SKIN COMFORT :

The series 9 cuts more hair in one stroke. A specifically designed shaving head captures flat lying hairs and hairs growing in different directions ” challenges where normal shavers might fail. Like all braun shavers, series 9 goes in straight lines. You don’t need to go over the same spot twice which significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation.SYNCROSONIC TECHNOLOGY :

Braun’s patented syncrosonic technology reads and adapts to your beard 160 times per second as you shave, providing extra power where needed for the most efficient shaving experience. With 5 specialised cutting element, multiplied by sonic technology, braun’s patented technoogy offers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. Titanic coating offers a beautiful gold finish, with remarkable sturdiness and corrosion resistance.SYNCROSONIC HEAD :

Each cutting element is specialised for different hair types to ensure every single hair is captured efficiently. Never miss a flat-lying hair again or un-tamed hair which grows in different directions. The optifoil element is for closeness whcih lasts longer. Hyperlift&cut trimmer helps to lift and cut hairs that are lying flat for the best results. The direct&cut trimmer aligns and cuts hairs which grow in different directions. The protective skinguard smoothes the skin for an exceptional shaving experience like no other. Then the additional optifoil offers extra closeness.

The Series 5 offers an excellent shave in problem areas and features the patented ActiveLift” middle trimmer, the unique OptiFoil” and the contour adaptive shaving head. The Series 5 combines ergonomic Braun design with highest Braun quality. On top, enjoy the convenience of Braun‘s advanced cleaning center: it automatically cleans, charges and lubricates your shaver at the touch of a button.Key Features:

Patented ActiveLift”: Unique oscillating middle trimmer lifts & cuts flat-lying hair ” for a thorough shave even problem areas

OptiFoil”: Braun’s most advanced foil has zones with differently sized holes to capture hairs growing in different directions and help cutting them closer than ever before

Contour adaptive shaving head: 33° pivoting shaver head perfectly adapts around the jaw line and under the chin

Triple action cutting system: 3 special cutting elements shave long hair as easily as short hair.

Fully washable: Yes

Display: LED 2+1 for battery status Cleaning indicator

Charge in: 1 Hour

Quick charge in: 5min

Cordless shaving: 45min

Worldwide Voltage: Yes

Protective Travel Pouch: Yes

Mains Rechargeable

Cleaning brush, protection cap and storage pouch included

12 length settings

1 hour charge time

75 minutes run time

Wet or dry shave

 Beard & stubble trimmer: 12 length settings from 0.5-10mm

The full metal trimmer (32mm) and the comb with 12 adjustable length settings makes it easy to get exactly the beard length you want. Lock in your perfect length setting with the zoom wheel. The durable metal trimmer with skin-friendly rounded edges guarantees a precise and even trim.New foil shaver: Shaves 20% faster than before

The new dual foil shaver makes it easy to shave around your style. The mid-trimmer catches longer, tougher hairs and the 2 floating foils shave everything else perfectly smooth.

The Braun Series 7 799cc 7 Electric Wet and Dry Foil Shaver with Clean and Charge Station helps you get the perfect shave with fewer strokes and zero irritation. The electric shaver comes enriched with the intelligent Sonic Technology that enables the shaver head to generate 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

The incredibly adaptive shaver head, enhanced with individually floating foils and trimmer on a pivoting head, can shave hair as close as 0.05mm with fewer strokes. The electric razor’s five shaving modes let you select the best speed for different facial zones, thereby enabling a close shave like never before.SPECIFICATIONS

Brand: Braun

Power Source: Electricity

Number of Speed Settings: 3

Model Number: 799cc-7

Type: Foil Shavers

Targeted Group: Men

Operating Function: Wet & Dry


The incredible adaptability of the shaver head of this electric razor for men can help you rid facial hair from even the most problematic contours. The shaver’s trimmer and the individually floating foils are all mounted on a pivoting head that is enhanced with MicroMotion and MacroMotion. The shaver head barbers hair as close as 0.05mm, for the utmost precision. The electric razor’s five shaving modes let you adjust the speed to suit different areas on the face.IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN

The Flexible Shaving System of this Braun shaver, which incorporates the individually floating foils and the trimmer, enables a more efficient shave with less irritation. The advanced system makes this Braun electric razor perfect for those with sensitive skin.INNOVATIVE CLEAN AND CHARGE STATION

The 5 Action alcohol based Clean and Charge Station that comes with Braun Series 7 799cc 7 Electric Wet and Dry Foil Shaver charges this device, and hygienically cleans, dries, and lubricates its shaver head with the mere touch of a button. The alcohol cleaning fluid of the system eliminates 99.999 percent of germs, making this device extremely hygienic for use.

 Electric razors have come a long way and now shave closer than ever before thanks to new blade technology.

 1. Panasonic 3-Blade Wet, Dry Rechargeable Shaver with Multi-Flex 3D Head


Specifications Model number: ES-LT8N

Number of blades: 3 drive speed: 13,000 cycles / min

The grinding angle of the inner blade: 30 degrees

Charging time: Approximately 1 h.

Dry / wet shave: Yes

Built-in pop-up trimmer: Yes

Automatic voltage conversion: Yes

LED / LCD Battery Charge Indicator: 5-level LED

Removable mesh: WES9089

Replacement blade: WES9068A set of interchangeable accessories: WES9015

Dimensions (H x W x D): Approximately 65 x 160 x 47 mm

The weight: Approx. 165 g Box Contains Shaver AC Adaptor Travel Pouch Cleaning Brush, Oil Operating Instruction.

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