Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews And Buying Guide 2018

If you are planning to start a home renovation project, it is time to grab a basic understanding about the common tools that are generally used for this kind of projects. Nail guns, hammers, table saws and power screw drivers are all used for making an attempt towards completing these home improvement projects. In case of plans like addition of crown modeling, perform bevel cuts or trimming studs, you need to purchase a miter saw which is also called chop saw or drop saw. Besides this, it is also mandatory to get home the best miter saw stand. But buying the same isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Making a leap towards the market, you will come across numerous choices but how to select the right miter saw stand for your use?This article brings to you some popular choices in this range along with the tips to take in concern while finalizing your purchase decision. But before you head with it, are you aware of the ways a miter saw stand can help you with and why do you need such stand? When heading with the mission to buy yourself the best miter saw stands/stand, remember that the stand type will depend entirely upon where and how you want to use the saw instead of solely concentrating on the actual use of the saw.7 Top Selling Miter Saw Stands

Now if you are still confused with the selection of best rolling miter saw stand, here is a brief on some of them.

The DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand is a well built and sturdy one which offers you the provision of easy mounting coming with mounting brackets that are highly adjustable.  You can assemble the stand within just few minutes adhering to the illustrations given in the manual. Once the assembling part is completed, you can easily mount the same and go ahead with its use without any difficulty. Also after the purpose of course is accomplished, you can fold and keep the same aside. Included extensions seem working on larger pieces highly convenient. This is as it frees up a huge amount of space thus grabbing the status of the best portable miter saw stand.Features
It can bear weight up to 25 pounds
The product dimension measures 60 x 17 x 10 inches.
The product comes in yellow color and can bear weight up to 300 pounds
There are no batteries included with this miter saw stand.
You will enjoy 3 years of limited warranty.Pros

It comes with highly adjustable out feed and in feed work supports which provide material support up to 8”.

It also comes with adjustable mounting rails allowing space for any kind of miter saw.

Its wide rubber grip offer easy and reliable jobsite mobility.

3 position pneumatic offers lowering and raising of the stand thereby making it flexible enough for the setup.

Its durable tubular steel construction offer up to three hundred pound weight capacity.Cons
The supports on the DEWALT DWX726 Rolling miter saw stand comes with solid tubing rather than having rollers consisting bearings.
It also doesn’t offer you the provision to warp and keep the cord alike the previous one and you might feel that you paid more than enough for the product than needed. Check Price at Amazon

This miter saw stand from the house of DEWALT possesses a universal design which is compatible with any brands and types of miter saws. Feather like aluminum construction allows the provision of easy transportation of the miter saw stand to and back from the jobsite. Moving on, its 40 inch beam offers support up to 10 feet of the material and a weight measuring up to 500 lbs. The stand legs offer outstanding support and can be folded and easily stored aside for use on a later date as and when needed. The tool mounting brackets available with this saw stand allows secure and easy mounting. The work supports or stops can be quickly repositioned anywhere across the rail. If you are worried about the material getting scratched, its non-marring feet will not cause the same.Features
The tool weighs around 30 pounds only.
The product dimension measures 32 x 100 x 11.5 inches thus making it easy to carry everywhere
The product comes in attractive silver color
You won’t get any battery along with the product since the same is not needed.
This miter saw stand comes with a warranty period of 3 years.ProsCons
The problem that you will be facing with this miter saw stand is with mounting a non-DEWALT saw.
The process of mounting the same is not according to the instructions given in the instruction manual. Hence you need to carry out the same carefully so that you can go ahead with enjoying using it without any sort of glitches. Check Price at Amazon

This one is a heavy duty miter saw stand which comes along with mounting brackets, highly compact design, is 36 inches wide and allows provision for easy transportation and storage. Also it weighs only 1000lb capacity and is capable of handling even the toughest job.  Moving on, its light weighted aluminum construction makes it easy to carry to and from the job location. The stand legs offer a good deal of support and can be folded and kept aside until the next use. You can also use this miter saw stand as a tool stand as needed.Features
The product weighs only 17 pounds
Its dimensions measure 32 x 36 x 11 inches
It comes in stunning Silver colour
It consists of miter saw attachments as well as accessories as needed.
There are no batteries included with the product as the same is not a battery driven miter saw stand.
You will get a provision for 3 years of warranty period.ProsCons
No product comes without any constraint and the same applies to this miter saw stand as well.
The washers that are available along with the bolts for attaching the brackets to the miter saw were very small in size for the hole in the miter saw for this attachment. Check Price at Amazon

Makita has transformed its miter saw”stand market with its dual slide compound miter saw with stand and laser. It features crown molding cutting provision up to 6-5/8 inches which is recognized as the largest in the class. It comes with a patent 4 steel rail sliding system which further enhances rigidity for production of superior cuts while its six linear ball bearing design offers adjustable, smooth and free cuts.FeaturesOften rated as the best sliding compound miter saw, it weighs only 4 poundsThe product dimensions measure 28.2 x 44 x 19.5 inches respectivelyThe model comes in teal color and is easily portableThe volts required for use is 120vThere are 2 handles available with this productNo battery is needed for its performance hence no battery is provided on an addition with the product.ProsCons
It is not expectable to get such an amazing miter saw stand from Makita but yet there are some glitches hitched to it. I
In case you are cutting with both the rails unlocked, then do be prepared for the saw blade to begin shaking. It is something highly disappointed but this is not the end. Even you will face issues with the laser as the same doesn’t work properly always Check Price at Amazon

Bosch expanded its award winning and patent technology for developing and bringing to the market a new miter saw stand” the T4B Gravity rise miter saw stand. This saw stand is durable, simple and allows smart usage. Professional prefers this miter saw stand to a greater extend due to the ease it offers for transportation to and from the job site. Unlike all other miter saw sand, this one from Bosch calls for completely effortless usage and also allows rapid set up.Features
It weighs only 91.6 pounds
The product dimension measures48.9 x 24.6 x 12.4 inches
Since this product isn’t a battery driven one, you won’t find any battery given within the packaging
You will also enjoy a 30 days’ pay back policy along with 1 year warranty period from the manufacturer’s end.ProsCons
The packaging of this miter saw stand might seem terrible and according to customers, as they opened up the packaging, the parts started falling off.
Also they failed to find a reliable user manual when assembling the parts for use. Check Price at Amazon

In the hitachi vs dewalt miter saw review, this miter saw stand from Hitachi is one worth mentioning. It features durable steel construction thus accepting till 12 inches sliding miter saw.  But make sure to get the best 12 miter saw blade for use. The auxiliary mounting brackets available with it make the same completely universal and also eliminate the necessity for creating any other mounting surface. Its fast release mounting brackets provide easy mounting as well as removal of miter saw right from the stand.  Talking of the non marring rubber feet, the same allows the miter saw being placed without difficulty on any surface type without the risk of scratches.Features
The product weighs about 50 pounds
The product dimension stands up to be 52 x 31 x 37 inches
This miter saw stand type is one that comes with wheels for easy transportation.
Not being a battery driven one, there is no battery available with this miter saw stand.
You will enjoy 5 years of warranty with this miter saw stand from the house of Hitachi.ProsCons
The issue in case of this miter saw stand prevails with the legs. But the same is applicable only when the legs extend out first. Check Price at Amazon

This miter saw stand from the house of DEWALT has been reviews as the best miter saw stand available with this manufacturer. It is known for its light body weight being made from aluminum. Its 5-1/2 ft beam offers support to the material measuring up to 16 feet and 400 lbs. The legs are known for their outstanding support and can be folded and kept aside when not in use. The work supports can be easily repositioned anywhere across the rail. The non marring feet comes with quality enriched miter saw stand, mounting brackets and convertible work stops/support.Features
The product weighs only 54 pounds
Coming to the product dimension, the same measures 32 x 150 x 9 inches
This miter saw stand comes with stunning silver color
There are necessary miter saw accessories included within the box.
This product comes with a warranty of three years.ProsCons
Though nothing major as such has been reported but few have stated about some kind of glitches prevailing with this miter saw stand’s legs. Check Price at Amazon Conclusion

So now that you have an idea about the best miter saw stands available in the market, their features, pros and cons, you can rely upon this article serving as a user guide and go ahead getting home the most accurate miter sawstand. Remember, it is not really difficult to search the best miter saw and saw stand if you keep your eyes open and look out for reliable information.

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