Best Rotary Shaver for Men in Dubai

 Rotary razors offer a few key advantages over their foil counterparts. Find out what’s the best rotary shaver for you

The Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver for Men is a revolutionary grooming device specially designed for sensitive skin. It diminishes skin irritation, redness, and razor burns, giving you a comfortable shave every day. You can get a sharp, clean shaven look every day, with no compromise on skin comfort. The comfort glide rings contain a unique anti friction coating that minimizes skin irritation and allows the shaver to glide effortlessly across your face, leaving you with smooth skin.

Its DynamicFlex heads run in five directions to trace the contours of your face, for a comfortable shave that looks flawless. The shaver is fully washable, so it’s easy to keep in perfect condition. It charges to its full capacity in just one hour, giving you fifty minutes of shaving time. And if you ever find yourself out of charge, there’s a quick charge facility, where a five minute charge will give you enough power to conduct your morning shave ritual.SPECIFICATIONS

Brand: Philips

Manufacturer Number: S7370/12

Power Source: Other

Number of Speed Settings: Other

Model Number: S7370/12

Type: Rotary Shavers

Targeted Group: Men

Operating Function: Wet & Dry

Number of Heads: 1.0

EAN-13: 8710103743743

Item EAN: 2724314130748GLIDE RINGSThe Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver is designed with comfort glide rings. These rings feature an anti friction coating that minimize skin irritation and stress. The shaver glides effortlessly across your face while leaving your skin smooth and untarnished.DYNAMICFLEX HEADSThe DynamicFlex heads present in this Philips S7370/12 Electric Shaver are agile and move in five directions. This particular motion is devised to hug the contours of your face, for extra closeness. It follows every curve of your neck and face, giving you a more comfortable shave.PRECISION BLADE SYSTEMThe Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver is designed with a unique blade system that protects your skin while cutting extremely close, long, short and flat lying hair. The incorporated slots are engineered to position each hair at its ideal cutting point, for a close shave that doesn’t damage your skin.CHARGING AND SHAVING PERFORMANCEThe Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver is an energy efficient device. It is equipped with a powerful lithium ion battery system that presents you with two convenient options: charge it for an hour, for a shaving time that lasts up to fifty minutes or a quick five minute charge for one full shave.INTUITIVE DISPLAYThe display of the Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver has a one level battery indicator, a low battery indicator, a cleaning indicator, a head replacement indicator, and a travel lock indicator.WET OR DRY SHAVEThe Philips S7370/12 Shaver Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver lets you choose whether you want a quick dry shave or a comfortable wet shave. This makes it even more comfortable to use.


Panasonic Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver for Wet Shaving with Lather or for Dry Shaving

Multi-fit ‘ARC’ foil

Wet / Dry: Yes

Washable: Yes

Foil: Triple

Stainless foil: Yes

Inner blade: 30 degrees

Multi-fit ARC grid: Yes

Flexible pivoting head : Yes

Motor speed: 13,000 RPM

Operating time: 45 min

Charge time: 1 hour

Cordless operation: Yes

Universal voltage: Yes

Indicator: Led

Travel pouch: Yes


Brand: Braun

Model: 3050CC

Color: Grey

MicroComb guides more hair into the cutting parts for a faster shave

With the new Braun Series 3 shaver Braun is introducing MicroComb technology. It features two rows of fine, evenly spaced grooves that surround an independently moving middle trimmer. This catches and feeds more hair with every stroke, which gives you a faster shave. The difference to other shavers is noticeable, especially in the torture test of 3‐day beards

Effectively cut long and short hair with every stroke

Triple Action Cutting System. In perfect collaboration twin foils and integrated independently floating middle trimmer with MicroComb technology shave progressively closer. Proven even on difficult 3-day beards, the 3 cutting systems effectively cut both long and short hairs with every stroke

Middle trimmer

easily cuts even longer and more difficult hair

2x SensoFoil

for perfect closeness that lasts longer

Flexible shaving system, designed to feel great on skin

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery

Full charge in 1 hour for 45 min. of shaving time. 5-min Quick charge is enough for one shave. 6-level detailed LED display3 for low charge, battery and hygiene status. Battery or mains operation, depending on model

The shaver head is designed to be clicked on and off, so you can switch it to the precision trimmer attachment, ideal for trimming moustaches and side burns. Both the shaver and trimmer attachment are fully washable, so it’s easy to keep in perfect condition. The shaver is fully charged in just one hour, giving you 45 minutes of shaving time, that’s about 15 shaves. And if you ever find yourself out of charge, there’s a quick charge facility, where a 5 minute charge will give you enough power for a morning shave. The shaver features LED indicator lights, so you can see the status of your battery, charging indicator, cleaning indicator, replace shaving heads indicator and travel lock indicator.Key Features

Protects 10x better than regular blade, with less nicks and cuts

Incorporates AquaTec, so it’s completely waterproof

5- direction flexing heads for an unbeatable close shave

SmartClick Precision trimmer attachment, to trim moustache and side burns

1 hour charge provides 45 minutes usage ” that’s about 15 shaves

It has a MultiPrecision blade system with rounded profile heads that glide over the contours of your face, designed to protect your skin. Using Super Lift & Cut action, the blades lift the hairs before cutting them, even the shortest stubble. The shaver heads flex in 5 directions, hugging the contours of your face and neck, delivering a close, comfortable shave, reducing the need to go over the same area again and again ” resulting in less irritation with no nicks, grazes or “razor burn”.100% waterproof shaver ” QuickRinse system

For optimal hygiene, the shaving head uses the Quick Rinse system. You simply pop the heads open and rinse thoroughly underneath the tap.MultiPrecision Blade system

Get a shave that’s gentle and close. The MultiPrecision blade system has a series of slots and holes, that raise the hair before cutting. The slots catch the long or flat lying hairs, while the holes catch the shortest stubble in just a few strokes.Super Lift & Cut action

The Lift & Cut dual-blade system is built into this shaver for a close even shave. Straight slots catch the hairs, the first blade lifts each hair while the second blade comfortably shaves it off, for really smooth results.5-Direction Flex Heads

The Contour Response Technology means that the shaving heads move in 5 different directions, for a closer shave. This delivers a smooth result with fewer strokes, less irritation.Skin Protection system

Shave close without nicks or cuts. Rounded profile low-friction heads glide smoothly across the contours of your face, while protecting your skin.SmartClick Precision Trimmer

The SmartClick precision trimmer simply clicks onto your shaver handle to effectively help you achieve the perfect moustache or for sideburn trimming.Charging and Shaving performance

An energy-efficient, powerful lithium-ion battery gives you more shaves per charge. Charge it for an hour, and you’ll have up to 45 minutes of shaving time ” that’s around 15 shaves.1-hour charge time ” What’s included

1x shaver, 1x SmartClick precision trimmer, 1x protective cap

 Slay that stubble and barber that beard with the best rotary shavers available to man.


This Shaver Comfort rings glide effortlessly over your skin to reduce friction while the Gentle Precision blades carefully cut hairs for a smooth finish with less irritation. DynamicFlex shaving heads contour and flex in 5 directions to comfortably follow every curve of your face and neck.PRODUCT FEATURES :

Brand: Philips

Model Number: S7370/84

Power Source: Battery

Type: Rotary Shavers

Targeted Group: Men

Operating Function: Wet & Dry

Number of Heads: 3

UPC-A: 796845079126

Details: Comfort with anti-friction microbead coating for a smooth glide. Protects your skin while cutting extremely close on long, short and flat-lying hairs. move in 5 directions to follow every curve of your face and neck for a more comfortable shave. SmartClick precision trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming

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