Best Skin Cleansing System in Dubai

I have reviewed the best facial cleansing brushes for 2017. See up-to-date comparisons & best prices for the top rated products. 

Sleek, powerful and offered with 3 varying levels of sonic speed, you can customize your cleansing experience to address your specific skin concerns. For clean, beautiful looking skin.CONTENTS

Clarisonic Aria Device

Sensitive Brush Head

Drying Stand

USB-Enabled Universal Voltage pLink Charger


Brighter-looking firmer-feeling skin Microdermabrasion technologyDeveloped with skin expert scientists and dermatologistsPhilips VisaCare gently removes oldDull skin cells, thanks to microdermabrasion technologyMicrodermabrasion technology : Skin resurfacing treatment with Sensitive and Normal tipSalon technology For safe use in your own home :Philips VisaCare uses microdermabrasion technology, commonly used in professional beauty salons.Philips has adapted this technology for safe use in thecomfort of your own home.It has been developed in collaboration with expert scientists and dermatologists.VisaCare microdermabrasion stimulates the resurfacing process of the skin for smoother, firmer-feeling, visibly-radiant skin.DualAction Air Lift & Exfoliation System : Massages the skin and encourages blood circulation.Also removes dead skin cells and makes room for natural cell renewal.Brighter-looking, firmer-feeling skin : Developed with skin expert scientists and dermatologists.Air Lift System Gently stimulates microcirculation : The Daily tip with 150,000 microscopic crystal particles, gently removes dead skin cells to better absorb your skincare products and leaves your skin more radiant.Visible results : 93% of women tested reported smoother feeling skin. 84% agree their skin, looks more radiant, 84% noticed their skin looks healthier.Features :5 minutes treatment Achieve quick results with 5-minute treatment (twice a week).For all skin types 2 tips (sensitive & normal) for varied levels of skin sensitivity.Smooth glide Use product on wet skin for smooth glide.1 full charge, 3 weeks use Charge overnight for zero interruptionCordless usage DESCRIPTION

Brush exfoliation and facial cleaning Operates freight

100% waterproof

Additional accessories (brush massage and other ordinary human and other sensitive skin)

TypeSkin Cleansing & Exfoliation System
We all know it’s important to look good and feel fresh; so energies your daily routine and your skin with the Remington RECHARGE Facial Brush; your new grooming essential. All hail this grooming gadget that helps to remove impurities and energies the skin, with its innovative dual action technology that delivers a fresh, healthy appearance in just 60 seconds. This advanced skin care system cleanses the skin and softens stubble, ready for a more comfortable shave with less irritation. Welcome to the next generation of grooming.
Key Features

Cleanses skin and softens stubble.

Prepares skin for a more comfortable shave.

Dual action rotating and vibrating brush head.

Washable & shower proof.

LEDs to light the face.

Three speed settings & charging indicator lights.What’s in the Box

Remington FC2000 Male Cleansing Brush

Charging stand

Travel pouch

Protective caps  DESCRIPTIONVisibly refines body skin and cleanses face up to 6x betterPore deep cleansingExfoliating brush for bodyCleansing brush for faceWet & Dry ” use in bath or shower for extra comfort and a soothing experience Learn about the power of a deep-cleaning facial brush and pick out the best  DESCRIPTIONThis item is powerful, yet incredibly gentle. The Aria is gentle enough to use twice a day, even on skin affected by complicated conditions such as rosacea or acne. In just one minute a day, the sonic action removes impurities from skin and pores so creams, serums, and moisturizers are absorbed better. Clarisonic products will help remove impurities such as makeup, dirt, and oil. The Aria oscillates at more than 300 movements per second to gently cleanse your skin. Product Advantages: 

Three Speeds

Adjustable T-Timer

Battery Life Indicator

Drying Stand +Detachable pLink Charger

Sensitive Cleansing Brush HeadIncluded with this purchase:

Pink Aria

Universal Voltage pLink Charger

Drying Stand

Sensitive Brush Head

Trial-Size Cleanser 

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