Big Mountain Restaurant in Koh Phangan

15: Started Oct 1st, 2016 – Ended May 8th, 2017

Libby GreenMay 5, 2016Daily EatsThailand198 viewsYou know that thing called expectations?

Well, I had zero when we ordered this “green curry and vegetable pizza.” Honestly, I thought ok sounds interesting… but we’re on an island. Then BAM this glorious vegan pizza was presented to us and I said “whoa… is that BLACK crust?!? Whaaa!!” That’s right, the crust is made of black sesame and the Chinese herb Guilinggao! On top of an exotic crust, was the richest green curry sauce with loads of delicious veggies! Now, the tricky thing is not daydreaming about it while I’m redoing our website!Such a delicious Thai meal with the surprising green curry pizza!

Big Mountain’s coconut soup with veggies really hit the spot! For some reason, we can’t seem to overdose on tasty curry on this island!Salad how we love thee!

Sure salad isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world to photograph but it still makes my mouth water! I say more ingredients the better… give cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and seeds just please leave out the cheese (and meat.) All plants are welcome at the Saturday salad party!Sign up now for our monthly newsletter and get access to delicious recipes from around the world!FOLLOW US… Share this:Big Mountain RestaurantDaily EatsKoh PhanganPizzaThai FoodVeganvegan/vegetarianPrevious ArticleAnanda Detox Resort and Restaurant Koh PhanganNext ArticleCafe Wan Koh PhanganLibby Green

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