BMW 5 Series 2017 review

Good morning.Today we’re driving the new 5-Series.We’re driving a diesel and a gasoline version.We’re testing them both, but first we’re goingto enjoy the Portuguese coast.It’s still early.Just for a moment.We’re done with the diesel engine.Now we’regoing to try the 540i with M Sport goodies.It has big rims.That’s more to our liking.We had to drive the 530dto pick up the nice gasoline car.I’m making it sound like the 530dis no fun, but it’s not that bad.Let’s talk about the new 5-Series by itself.Whereas there was a difference in design before,now it’s more of an evolution instead of a revolution.There is a lot of the previous model in here.Elements have been addedfor more family resemblance.Let’s step out to discuss this properly.Take a good look.The key is a touch thing nowadays.I’m going to try it.I can switch on the lights.Go back.Nice.BMW says they don’t wantthe 3, 5, and 7-Series to look alike, but I think it looks a lot like the 7-Series.Looking at the nose, it resembles the 7and 3-Series with the run-on headlights.It does have that family face,so I think it was a strange story.Here we see a big black insert in the bumperwith 2 big pipes outside the 540i.This is not a V8, by the way.It’s only a 6-cylinder engine.Everything up to the 540 has a 6-cylinder engine.I think it’s a pretty car, but it’s not a majorchange and it’s not as pronounced as.The previous generation didn’t havea very pronounced design either.The generation before that,the E60 and E61, made a statement.The E39 was a very good car.I have one.I think that one’s a timeless beauty.I don’t knowif this car will be the same in 10-15 years.I think it’s a bit generic.A white 5-Serieswith black rims is a bit 2006.I wouldn’t choose those black rims,but in all the M Sport package is very nice.Especially with this engine.But first,let’s talk about the 530d of this morning.I drove it for a short time to get an idea.261 hp, 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 5.7 seconds,5.4 with the AWD xDrive version.The 620 Nm (457 lb ft) is the most important.That is nice.The 8-speed Steptronicis standard for all cars, except the 520d.That’ll be the base model diesel car.That’sthe only one available with a manual transmission.It costs over 57,000 euros.The 520i starts at 55,500 euros.That is more than we’re used tofor the 5-Series.This has a reason.The reason is that BMW Netherlandsmade the High Executive package standard, which includes many extra gadgetscompared to the previous 5-Series.They want to sell more luxuriousmodels and less frugal ones.This has a bigger price tag.Not that muchbigger, but it’s a bit more than it used to be.The 540i we’re driving now is a very nice car.Don’t confuse it with the 550i,which will be introduced soon.That’s still a V8.The 540i has a straight-6.The 550i will be a beast of a car.It has xDrive AWDand will do 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 4 seconds thanks to 456 hp.That is as fast as the fastestedition of the outgoing M5.The M550i xDrive will be a beast of a car.This tells us the next M5will definitely get AWD.It has to.I have nothing to complain aboutthe handling of the new 5-Series.The car has become very comfortable.It is neutral in Sport mode.In Comfort mode, which should bethe neutral mode, it is very soft.It feels like driving with air suspension.We told this to BMW, but theydenied using air suspension.It is a newly developed chassis and dampers.The latter are variable, but it is no air suspension,even though it felt this comfortable.This is a big compliment for the peoplewho developed the suspension.They made it extremely comfortable.In Sport mode the handling is tightenough to play with the car.You shouldn’t be concerned, but a real driver’s car.BMW is more geared towards comfort now.They included a lot of gadgets in the new 5-Series.For example, gesture control.The 7-Series has it too.You can turn the music’s volume up or downby making circles with your finger.You can change channels by making this gesture.It’s fun.Another cool thing is the 360˚ camera.I think it’s very cool.When parked, you can ‘grab’ the camerawith your fingers and look around the car.It’s like you’re in a video game.It’s very cool.Despite the extras and gadgets, the car lost weight.They say they saved 100 kg (220 lb).I think that’s well done.They did this by combiningmaterials ” magnesium, aluminum, carbon fiber ” to save weight.I think that’s why the handlingis still great and why it feels agile.The interior doesn’t show savings on materials,because it feels more luxurious and prettier.The previous one wasn’t bad,but this one has a better finish.It feels like a BMW.There are 2 round gauges in front of you.They’re digital, but they show speed, rpm, etc.BMW won’t put satnav in there, like somerivals do, because it’s a distraction.You’ll have to take your eyes offthe road to look at the satnav.They put all that informationon the head-up display.The head-up display grew by 70%.It’s a lot bigger, showing more information.It’s not distracting, though.Other gadgets included.BMW tries autonomousdriving as well, but they say the driver has to drive.They won’t make systems that take over the driving.You can take your hands off the wheel onthe highway for 30 seconds if it sees the lines.You can even make it overtake.I tried, but it didn’t work well.Like BMW said, you have to do it yourself.They put these things in here to gather data forimproving the next generations or the facelift, headed towards autonomous driving.BMW says it can take some timebefore this works properly.We have to get to the conclusionfor the new 5-Series.Gesture control.That’s nice.We need a conclusion for the newBMW 5-Series, but I am of two minds.One, I think it’s a shamethe exterior isn’t more daring.However, it is a fantastic carwith a wonderful powertrain.The interior is very nice.The new 5 is a very nice car.Made possible bynieuweautokopen.Nl Subtitles ” Maru’s Text Support.SHARE

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