BOSTITCH SL1838BC Cap Stapler Review

Customer reviews: (4.1 / 5)INTRODUCTION OF THE PRODUCT

The BOSTITCH SL1838BC is a cap stapler developed to offer construction workers the opportunity to experience a rather comfortable and easy time capping staplers. It has been designed with an 18-gauge stapler cap.PRICE RANGE

The BOSTITCH SL1838BC is being offered at different prices. The range is dependent on whether the product is new or refurbished. The range being $150.97-$178.99, it is very clear that the new version is the one with the highest cost.WHO WOULD BUY THIS?

House contractors are the people who will find this product most useful. Although this is the case, anyone seeking to perform any house wrapping will also find this product to be very helpful. It is impossible to highlight a specific group as to be the only people who can use the BOSTITCH SL1838BC. This is because practically anyone can get it to meet their own house wrapping needs where they don’t see the need to contact a professional contractor.INCREASED SURFACE AREA AND PRECISE OPERATION

The BOSTITCH SL1838BC has a plastic cap which has been placed there to increase the fastener’s surface area which makes it easier for the user to install the house wraps. This feature prevents the weather from destroying what one will be working on.COMFORTABLE AND SAFE

One of the main features that people look out in products such as this is that the product needs to be not only comfortable to use but also safe. Weighing only 3.9 pounds, the BOSTITCH SL1838BC is easy to hold and carry around even when climbing to the roof. When it its comfort in terms of its usage, the cap stapler has been fitted with a grip made of rubber which ensures that the hands do not slide or injured by the product itself. It is also fitted with an exhaust to prevent the user from receiving the waste blow through the rear of the product.PRODUCTS MAIN FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS

· It has a triggering system that is helpful in ensuring that the building surfaces that are not aligned are kept at check and made to be even.

· It has an adjustable depth of its drive. This feature makes it easier for someone to set the staples to be used to their desired depths.

· It is very precise in its action. Through this feature the user is provided with an opportunity to prevent any damages from possible misses of the staples being fired by the product since its precision is 100%.

· It has a 7 year limited warranty.

· It uses staples that are 1 inch long.

· It uses an air fitting of ¼ inches long.PROS

It is able to fasten the process of roof felting and house wrapping. At this stage of the BOSTITCH SL1838BC being fast, it also offers the user with the opportunity to hook it up on one’s belt whenever there is the need for one to use both hands. Its rubber handle makes it very comfortable for one to use for multiple hours without injuring their hands.

The SL1838BCBOSTITCH is an easy to use product. It requires no technical skills and it even comes with a guide to help those who might have never used such a product before.CONS

The BOSTITCHSL1838BCstaple caps do not hold many staplers in them. One should therefore make sure that one keeps the staplers with them when using it. Another shortcoming of the SL1838BC BOSTITCH is that it may jam on someone when using it. Such jams happen when one uses the product in appropriately and one should make sure to use the product as instructed in the guide.CUSTOMER REVIEWS AND SCORES

The product has got 18 customer reviews and rating scores. Most of the customers have left positive feedbacks about the SL1838BC BOSTITCH with 50% of the entire feedbacks left having given a 5-star rating of the machine. Only 6% of the total feedback left a 1-star rating.


Judging by the above information, there is no question to the fact that the BOSTITCHSL1838BC is certainly the cap stapler that everyone with house wrapping needs to get. The reviews and ratings left by those who have already used the product confirm of its great reliability levels. Through its rubber handle, the user will be to use for long hours without having to check their hand for blisters even when they don’t use their gloves. Anyone who likes using a comfortable and safe cap stapler will find this product to be extremely helpful which is precisely why one need to get this product as soon as possible that is if one has not yet purchased it.

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