BOSTITCH U/SX1838K 18-Gauge Narrow-Crown Stapler Review

Customer reviews: (4.3 / 5)INTRODUCTION TO THE PRODUCT

When shopping for a stapler one of the most important traits or factors that you should consider is power. Without enough power, the stapler will not get the job done as you would have wished. The BOSTITCH U/SX1838K offers you more power than you can ever need while ensuring that your work-space is kept clean at all times. All this is achieved at no maintenance cost as this stapler requires no maintenance.PRICE RANGE

Despite Stanley Bostitch being one of the most reputable names in this industry, they still maintain their products within the reach of the majority of the population. With a price range of between $48 and $109 this product is very affordable. This stapler has been reconditioned to give it more features and power than the original one.WHO WOULD BUY THIS PRODUCT

If you are tired of always making your work-space dirty when using a stapler, then the BOSTITCH U/SX1838K is exactly what you need. The engine that is fitted in this stapler does not require any oiling, and so oil stains on your surfaces will never be a problem. Besides from keeping everything clean the U/SX183K is packed with enough power to drive the staples to your preferred depth while maintaining the required accuracy.OIL FREE ENGINE FOR CLEANER SURFACES

The oil-free engine is the primary feature of the U/SX183K, and it is also unique. This feature helps to give this stapler two significant advantages. The first advantage is the fact that you will never have to worry about oil from the engine staining your workspace which can be very annoying. The second advantage is that since it does not require any oiling the stapler is maintenance free. The maintenance-free characteristic is a significant advantage as you will never be forced to postpone a project to do routine maintenance on your stapler.SELECTABLE TRIGGER SYSTEM

There are two modes that you can use on a stapler depending on how you want to staple and what you are stapling. These two modes are sequential and contact mode. This stapler has a special selectable trigger that allows you to convert from sequential to contact mode. This can be achieved without have to stop in the middle of the job like for most other staplers.MAIN FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS

• It has a low nail lockout function to prevent dry firing when the stapler is empty or when there are very few staples left.

• Maneuverability and durability of the engine are assured with a swivel air fitting that is fitted with a filtered air inlet.

• It is designed to drive between half an inch staple to one and a half inch 18-gauge staples with a 7/32-inch crown.

• It is possible to control fastener depth using the dial-a-depth control feature.

• It has a rear exhaust that is meant to direct air from the user when working.PROS

The no maintenance feature is probably what most customers will list as the main advantage of the BOSTITCH U/SX1838K. Besides from saving you on maintenance cost it is also a significant advantage as you will never have to postpone any work to maintain the stapler. No maintenance will make sure that you get more work done within a short period.

Without even reading the BOSTITCH U/SX1838K manual, this stapler is very easy to use. Everything about it is just straightforward, and one should be able to figure out things fast without wasting any staples. Ease of use is one important factor that define a quality staple gun, and the U/SX1838K conforms to this element entirely.CONS

When reading customer and expert reviews from different sites, online it is almost impossible to come across a negative review. This is because this stapler has been designed to perfection without any disadvantage. The only problem that some users have put across is that the trigger safety is awkward. However, this is not an issue at all, and it will not affect its performance. The only reason that it may look awkward to some people is because it is a two function trigger.CUSTOMER REVIEWS AND SCORES

A product that attracts more than 100 customer review on Amazon is very special. The BOSTITCH U/SX1838K has attracted 113 reviews in total so far with an average score of 4.3 stars. The good average score indicates that most customers are very satisfied with the product.CONCLUSION

If you are looking for a stapler that combines power and ease of use to make your work better, then BOSTITCH U/SX1838K should be your number one choice. The U/SX1838K will get the job done more efficiently than any other staple gun while maintaining a clean work-space. This will be achieved without incurring any maintenance costs.
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