BOXYCHARM November Review

How did you feel about the November BOXYCHARM? I was mostly underwhelmed this month 🙁The theme for this month was Beauty Par-Tee. The total retail value of the box is $137.95. At a glance that is a very good value box, the most expensive product was the Pur`Lisse Eye Serum coming in at $65. However, the value is in direct proportion as to how much I love this month’s box, the answer, not so much. There just wasn’t anything I got really excited about. Oh well, I guess every month can’t be a total winner. Also, every product this month was the full size product.Here we have the Luxie Rose Gold Concealer Brush 211, $12.00; Manna Kadar’s Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain, $24 and Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush in Wildflower SBB-07, $17.  The only thing I see that sticks out about the concealer brush is that it is made without parabens and is vegan, which is a good thing and it is coated with an antibacterial solution another good thing. Other than those 2 things it is just your ordinary concealer brush, but you can never have too many because they can be versatile so it is added to my collection.  The Anna Kadar Priming Stain, a stain? not so much, it will rub off easily and it leaves hardly any color behind. It could be that the color I received just wasn’t pigmented enough, it is a rather light color, so I’ll give it a pass. I suppose it could act as a primer though, that may be another way to try it. The StudioMakeup blush has relatively good pigment, it will definitely stain your brush. It goes on well and blends out good enough, this just wasn’t the color for me. I prefer corals and this is an extremely pink shade which I tend to try and avoid. But if this is your shade it might just be the product for you.The Pur~liss Eye Adore Quadra Benefit Eye Serum. Could they have made the name any longer? I need short, sweet and to the point when I am looking for products. With active ingredients like soy protein and French marine plants bring 4X the power against aging in this intensive eye serum. Their Peptide Eye Complex and exclusive peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5, have been clinically proven to work together against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, while hydrating and lifting the delicate eye area. I will admit I do like this product, probably best out of all I received, but of course it costs $65, so of course I did. It does hydrate well and did help with the crepiness around my eye area. I will continue to use this until it is gone but I have so many products that make mostly the same claims I probably will not be purchasing. I have about come to accept that I am stuck with panda eyes and no amount of cream in the world is going to fix it.If this is a full size product I’d be asking for my money back if I had bought his sight unseen. It is small, like 60 ml small. For $19.95 I’d need more product. I used it and it’s OK but it’s nothing spectacular enough that I’d pay $19.95 for a bottle this small, I’d be expecting 170 ml, and that’d be pushing my limit. It would have to be so good you wanna slap your grand-mamma, and it just is not that great.Also, if you like luxury nail lacquer here is a coupon code to purchase from CODE: BOXYLVX, it will allow you 25% off your purchase and is good until December 31, 2015.So you see my dear readers I was just not that excited about my November BOXYCHARM, which makes me sad 🙁 . If you are reading this and don’t know what BOXYCHARM is, it is a monthly subscription box service that is $21 a month. Charmed subscribers will receive 4 to 5 full-sized beauty products from many different companies, some will be well-known and popular while others may be up-and-coming brands you have never heard of.  The beauty experts at BOXYCHARM select each item based on current and emerging trends in the beauty and skin care industry. BOXYCHARM prefers to focus on makeup but will also include nail care, skin care, hair care, fragrance and other categories each month depending on the month. Each subscribed will receive the same product as every other subscriber as this is not a personalized box.Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions on these products. If you, my reader, have any experience with these products I’d love to hear what you think. So please leave a comment if you would like to add to the discussion and if this has informed or helped you in any way please feel free to share me on Facebook or Twitter by clicking one of my links.Until next time my lovelies…
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