BOXYCHARM Subscription Box December 2015 Review

The December BOXYCHARM Subscription Box was awesome… follow me along and find out what all I received.As the front of the BOXYCHARM card reads: POP FIZZ CLINK… Get ready to revel in the charm of an era of decadence and glamour. This month we celebrate a revolution in style by taking beauty back to a time when Jazz, Boas, Glitter, and Pearls hit it big. So raise your champagne glasses charmers and get ready for a roaring celebration!Jelly Pong Pong Luminizer Gel $15.95 ” I like this Luminizer because it does luminize beautifully without being sparkly or glittery. I just recently used this and was very happy with the results, gave my cheekbones just enough of a luminescent sheen without making me look like I had dumped glitter on my face.Nelson J Moisture Healing Mask (Coconut) $23 ” This works about as well as any hair mask I have tried. I have dry, aged and processed hair and it helped with the fuzziness my hair tends to suffer from. It smoothed the cuticle down so it didn’t seem as brittle or fly-away as it normally does when I don’t use a hair treatment of some sort and it did add a little hint of shine where my hair tends to be more matte (because of the permanent). BellaPierre Gel Lip Liner in Cinnamon $18 ” This was the perfect shade of a cinnamon nude for me that complimented the OFRA Liquid Lipstick that came in this month’s box.  It lasted through a 2 hour concert with drinking and eating after, even with lip blotting, this lip liner lasted the entire night.  It took cleansing with coconut oil to remove it.OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick $19.90 ” As stated above, this was a perfect complement to the BellaPierre lip liner. I receive the color Americano. It looked really brownish in the tube but upon application gave me the perfect nude lip without making me look washed out or zombie-like. Typically, what I consider a Nude lip color almost always makes me look like death, but this color gave me an updated Nude lip color look that I loved and one that I will most definitely do again. This is the perfect color for people with Tan/Olive/ Mediterranean skin color, possibly even darker. In my opinion, this would be a very bold color on someone with Fair/Light/Light Medium skin, but if you like a bold lip then go for it. Oh, and the color lasted all evening but did get a tad on the dry side by the end of the night.Tatcha Japanese Beauty Papers $12 ” These are excellent blotting papers and I really like the large size, I could do my entire face without having to use 2 or 3 to get it done. I would purchase these again.Mullein & Sparrow Facial Mask $15 Deluxe Sample Size, 1 oz.  Is this not the most adorable little bottle you have ever seen? This facial mask contains a blend of powerful, detoxifying clays (like Kaolin, Rhassoul, and Bentonite) mixed with aromatic herbs. Used to refine pores and provides a gentle exfoliation beneficial for all skin types. This product even has some form of lavender in it and that didn’t even give me a bit of trouble and I usually avoid lavender like the flu.Let me tell you, this stuff is awesome! I just got a chance to use this mask this morning and I loved it. I used a small glass bowl and a makeup spatula to mix up the paste. I used purified water as the mixer, we have hard water at my house, and so purified water works much better for mask mixing. I applied it with a flat synthetic foundation brush and I was impressed that I got the consistency correct on the first try. I left it on until it dried and then rinsed with luke-warm water followed by a cool water rinse. When I was done there was not a trace of rosacea redness to be seen on my face!  Nowhere, nada, zip, zilch, nothing at all. I was extremely impressed and completely overjoyed. Two hours later and there is still very little redness to be seen.The full size bottle is 2.5 oz and is $35 on the Muellin and Sparrow website. I will be purchasing some when this cute little bottle is gone. It doesn’t take a whole lot to make and paste and cover my face so it should last quite a while if I’m doing this about 3x a week.The total value of this month’s BOXYCHARM is $103.85. Pretty good for a $21 price tag and me loving every single product in the box this month.I must say that of all the boxes I have received this month my December BOXYCHARM is by far and away my most favorite box for the month.  Actually, I have yet to be disappointed in any BOXYCHARM subscription box I have received; they have consistently been one of my best monthly boxes. I highly recommend checking out a subscription.Well, that’s all for this review. This will be my last one until after Christmas 2015, so have a safe, happy and blessed holiday. It’s only fair to share 🙂

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