Building A Prepper Library: My Favorite Resources

Your Most Important Prep

As many experienced preparedness gurus will tell you, knowledge is one of your most important preps. You can have all of the tools and gadgets in the world (even off-grid ones that run on manual power), but if you don’t know how to use them, you will not survive.

This generation wouldn’t know how to do anything without the internet. I mean, you can google how to boil water… Seriously? You can find out how to do just about anything under the sun on Pinterest, which is one of my favorite sites; however, if SHTF and we are left without power, all of that profound knowledge will be lost.

Books are the solution to this problem. Real, tangible books with pages and ink. I don’t have an e-reader yet, and I tend to prefer the real deal anyways so that’s what I’ve listed for you.

Here are a few books that I recommend having on hand. These are books that I’ve either read, or really really want to read, and know they are (and will be) great resources for anyone who is serious about preparing for the future. I’ll continue adding to this list as I find new ones, but this is a start ,Preparedness in GeneralHomesteading/Farming/LivestockFood StorageGardeningCookingFirst Aid/MedicalFor Kids/Teens

A couple non-fiction, but mostly fiction books to get their creative minds going. ,Non-FictionFiction

Preschool and Elementary

Middle School

Late Middle School/High SchoolOther

A few books that aren’t necessarily about Prepping, but have been very important to me in our prepping journey nonetheless:Just for Fun

We need some good old fashioned fiction books to keep our minds occupied, too! Don’t forget some of these for entertainment:Bonus:

Because I just couldn’t resist a few of these awesome titles, here are a few publications that are only in e-book format. Just have that Goal Zero Solar Generator ready to go for your Kindle or iPad ,What About You?

What are your favorite preparedness books? What do you think will be the MOST important information to have on hand if SHTF?

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