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15: Started Oct 1st, 2016 – Ended May 8th, 2017

Libby GreenMay 6, 2016Daily EatsThailand138 viewsMeet the BEST curry on the island! This my friends is Cafe Wan’s famous orange curry!

It’s no wonder why this dish known around Koh Phangan for its creamy coconut milk, diverse variety of vegetables, and pineapple surprise! Once we had it once, we went back and back for it! If you make it here to Koh Phangan than you have to get your booty to this Cafe!Our lunch was accompanied by the sweetest and sleepiest kitty of all time!

We had a hard time moving her when it was time to start eating out meal haha! Isn’t she adorable with her half open tired eyes?!It wasn’t easy to move this kitty.

But after we transported her to the next table over, we demolished this lunch! Beside the curry, we had a papaya salad and fried sweet chili vegetable dish… insanely delicious!Location: Cafe Wan in Koh Phangan, ThailandSign up now for our monthly newsletter and get access to delicious recipes from around the world!FOLLOW US… Share this:Cafe WanDaily EatsKoh PhanganOrange Curryvegan/vegetarianPrevious ArticleBig Mountain Restaurant in Koh PhanganNext ArticleTaboon Restaurant Koh PhanganLibby Green

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