Cantu Shea Butter Come Back Curl

Cantu Shea Butter Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer Review

For the most part this product does exactly what it is called, it will revitalize second day curls and/ or waves in your hair. The bottle states, and I quote “refreshes curls *yes, reduces frizz & adds shine *not so much for me I have fuzzy and not truly frizzy hair and shine? maybe a little bit, made with 100% pure shea butter *ok this is misleading it makes it sound like this is nothing but shea butter in a liquid state, nope it has other ingredients to keep the shea in a liquid state, and for all curl types *this I cannot speak to, only what it does for me.Now the added ingredients are not bad stuff, there are no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, no mineral oil, no phthalates, no gluten, no paraffin, no propylene, no PABA, no DEA and blessedly enough no added sea salt. I have learned that sea salt in any curl spray will make you hair crispy and crunchy and make clean hair feel dirty.  I am pretty sure that this product was originally created for ethnic hair but it seems that other people are finding out about this and beginning to use it.Now the one problem I do have with this product is that the sprayer that comes on the bottle sucks, it does not spray, it spits a straight stream that will pretty much hit your head like a water gun and leave a gunky mess. One time use like this and I learned my lesson. So I went to my local wal-mart and picked up one of the spray bottles they sell. The sprayer on the bottle is very important.See Below if you purchase a spray bottle with the square adjuster you will end up with the same problem, it will not disperse the product in a fine spray even though you have it on spray and not stream 🙁 so that bottle didn’t work. So off to try another one… this time I purchased the bottle that has the little round screw adjuster, eureka! it worked, it sprayed a wide and fine mist and didn’t spit on my head. The consistency of this product is a little on the thicker side so the little clear spray bottle beside the product bottle is mixed with just enough water to allow for a good mist. I had to play around until I found the right consistency that would work in my hair and also cooperate with the spray nozzle.So, over all I am pleased with this product, especially for waking up slept on flat waves. I have fine hair but a lot of it and it is swavy hair so I got a perm to make my waves more cooperative and consistent and so far it’s been doable for me. I do believe that this product would work on any type of wavy, curly or tight coiled curls. When you fist spray it on, scrunch you hair up from the bottom to help work the product in. I definitely do not recommend brushing or combing anything or you risk looking like a cotton ball. As it dries, your hair will feel a tad stiff but that’s ok. After it has completely dried (keep your hands out of your hair during it’s drying time) re-scrunch your hair and it will soften the stiffness considerably.What is so great is I purchased this from a local Sally Beauty Supply store for $5 or $6 and mixing it with water will make it last even longer. Every high end product I have purchased that claimed they revived second day curls were all returned from whence they came. Every one of them made my hair sticky and stiff, this is where I learned it is a no-no for me to use any type of product with sea salt in it.Over all I would definitely recommend this product. If it works on my fine permed hair imagine what it would do for naturally curly hair, I think it’d make it look awesome!Until next time my lovelies and remember, beauty is more than just makeup it is the light that lives within us all that shines the most beautifully.
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