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In this section of the case study we do the first part of our controller code by creating an exception class for our services and the Services and RemoteServices interfaces.
Services Exception
Whether accessing the Manufacturer file locally or remotely problems can arise using I/O and we can also have problems with remote access. So we need to catch and pass back exception information to the GUI users about exceptions that are not covered elsewhere within the code. In this lesson we will create a ServicesException class to handle exceptions thrown when using our services.
Services Interfaces
We will need to seamlessly connect local or remote clients to a Manufacturer file a user has chosen and to do this we will need two interfaces that connect locally which we will call Services and remotely which we will call RemoteServices. The interfaces will need to include the stocking, unstocking and search functionality requested by the stakeholder Stocking Goods Limited. In this lesson we create the interfaces and methods required.
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Controller Part 1
Services Exception
Services Interfaces

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