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The chaingroup fud is on ! i am getting so much messages about chaingroup that i think its best that i made a video.
please do not worry it is still paying at least on payeer

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Just want to give an update on Chaingroup. Right now people have shown proof of being able to get withdrawals from Payeer on the Chaingroup platform but now through BTC.

Of all the different rumors swirling, the most believable one to me is that CG was hacked and had their BTC stolen which is why they have no BTC to payout and your withdrawals through BTC are pending.

It is still disappointing that as reliable as Chaingroup has been to this point, they aren’t communicating on social media as people spread FUD.

Don’t panic that they exit scammed just yet, try to withdraw using Payeer (could take up to 24 hours) if your country supports it, and keep reinvesting if that was your plan all along.

DO NOT, however, make any deposits from outside the platform until we get an UPDATE. If one comes, I will let you guys know!

***Please note I am not a financial advisor. The risks you take and what you do with your finances lies solely on you. Always invest what you’re comfortable with and can afford losing.***

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