Check the most Important Baby Essentials for the First 3 Months

For the new parents, penning down the wish list for their newcomer is a big challenge. Those who are expecting for the first time are more excited and confused at the same time, as they are not very sure what to include in and what not. Our user friendly guide is prepared to make you understand about the basic things that you need for your toddler for the first three months.Baby Clothes

Baby’s clothing is the first thing all the parents would love to add in the wardrobe. For the beginning days, you need to buy some side-snap t-shirts, baby rompers, body suits or onesies, baby bibs, towels, stockings and mittens, sweaters, pajamas, and panties. These are the first essentials you should get for your child. These clothes makes your toddler look smart and cute.Feeding

Many new mommies do not plan to breastfeed their infants and they only rely on the organic milk formulas for their child. There are different brands of powdered milk in the market with various benefits. You must consult the pediatrician first before you choose one for your baby. Besides this, many moms who work and want to breastfeed their newborns buy bottles to store the breast milk. This can be done by a pump that helps to collect the milk.Diapers and Hygiene Items

Since babies are all dependent on you to clean them, you need to keep the list of diapers and hygiene items updated. You may need disposable diapers of small size I bulk quantity. Your infant would need to be changed in every couple of hours, so you must have diapers in store. Besides this, you need disposable wipes, burp cloths, changing sheet, towels, and rash cream. You may also need to carry a diaper bag if you are going out with your kid to keep all the diaper and hygienic stuff with you.Baby Furniture and Gear

Babies also need a bed to sleep. A cot or crib may be a good count in your room. In addition to this, you may need to purchase a stroller, car seat, swing, and a baby sling or carrier. These will help you while traveling and working, along with your toddler.Baby Blankets and Sheets

If your baby is born in winter season or near winter season, you must grab a soft warm blanket for your little angel. A newborn is immediately wrapped into a wrapping sheet made of soft cotton when he or she is handed over to parents. You must have a couple of wrapping sheets and a blanket for first 3 or more initial months. Also, do not forget that your baby need a comfortable, warm and safe place to sleep. Devices such as baby monitors equipped with temperature sensor can help you indicate the temperature in yours little one bedroom.Baby Bathing Stuff

Baby bathing stuff is one of the most important stuff. Many parents do not look for chemical free and organic items for baby bathing, but use whatever is available under baby labels. Newborns are sensitive and must be nursed accordingly. For this, you may need a baby bathing tub, organic baby shampoo, natural baby soap or body wash, baby lotions, and towels. All the items used for baby must be chemical free and natural, so that it will not harm your little one.Baby Toys

Children also need some activity and amusement. For a newborn to a three months old baby, a very entertaining toy would be a rocking or swinging chair and baby rattles. A three month old cannot properly sit, so all the toys you need would either be hanging at the crib or you may be taking those toys while playing with your infant.

This guide for new parents will surely help you decide, which items would suit the best for your baby for the first 3 months. If you have any other suggestions or comments to this list, please leave a comment below this article so we can include more essential items in the future.

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