Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Review [4k]: Cheapest Apollo Lake Laptop yet?

Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Review Hey guys whats up, Zi here , and i have here chuwi’s first laptop using the new apollo lake processor, the chuwi has released a 15″ version of thelapbook with an atom processor, this one is 14″ with the Apollo Lake N3450 processor,4GB of RAM and a 1080p matte display.I have to say my favourite thing about thelaptop is the trackpad, i’ll talk more about that later.You can buy this for around $280-300, makingthis one of the cheapest apollo lake devices lets see if its worth your money so the chuwi lapbook is plastic, its definitelynot the highest quality but what i’m super impressed by is how light and sturdy it is,sure there’s a little bit of flex because it is plastic but overall its pretty decentlymade.I like the colour combination as well betweenthe white and the black it gives this laptop some have two usb ports, a microsd card slotand the mini hdmi port as well.the bezels around the screen are really smallso that’s very nice, but the first kinda downside you see is the has a lot of travel, on par with the oldchuwi vi10 but the keys don’t feel high quality.I can type type fast on this keyboard though.But on the plus side, the trackpad here isreally good for a chinese laptop.Its actually better than the Jumper EZBook2 and almost as good as the xiaomi air 12 which is pretty impressive.All the gestures work and they are prettyaccurate.Definitely no complaints here.moving on to the screen, its a 14″ displayat 1080p, so resolution is OK, but the screen colour is muted compared to glossy IPS screens.Still a decent screen though, the max brightnessgoes up to 300nits, which usually isn’t enough for outdoors but because its a matte screeni can actually see it as long as its not super sunny.the audio quality here is average, the audiois moderately loud, it does get drowned out if a loud person starts talking forever, audioquality is good and bad at the same time, you do get a little bit of bass, but the audio is notas clear as it could be, have a listen for yourself.the performance here is decent.the apollo lake processor makes things runpretty fast, but its slgithly slower than the Voyo VBook V3 because it uses the slowereMMC drive instad of an M.2 SSD, so starting up stuff like cHrome or Word is slgihty slowerbut once you’re in the program its fine.So basically for light use you shouldn’t haveany problem at all.I then tried gaming, I palyed COD:MW3 andI got around 25-28fps at 1080p which is not bad, slightly short of 30fps, i then triedleague and i couljd play at 1080p around 30fps as well, so while its not a gaming laptopits OK for light stuff.When gaming the laptop doesn’t get very hotjust warm, and the heat is concentrated beside the caps terms of benchmarks it fallsbehind my voyo vbook a1 a little bit but still way faster than atom processors.So my conclusion is that i actually like thebuild way better than the voyo vbook v1, its plastic sure but its light, its sturdy andits pretty compact.performance is not bad, its a bit slower becauseof the eMMC isntad of an SSD, but defintely still way better than atom processors.THe bttery life is on the weak side, so keepthat in mind when you’re considering this laptop.Its also cheaper the voyo vbook v1 as well,let me know what you think, be sure to like, subscribe and see you in the next one.For More reviews just visit this review latest products site regularly

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